Cockspur Rum, the iconic global Rum brand, is shaking its tail-feathers in the UK RTD scene this summer with a Rum Punch straight from the shores of Barbados. Hitting both the on- and off-trade this week, Cockspur Rum Punch brings with it an injection of vibrancy and fun – Barbados in a bottle.

With a traditional Bajan recipe, Cockspur Rum Punch rings true to its West Indian roots and will make waves in the UK with its easy drinking style and big personality. Available in both 275ml and 1 litre bottle formats, it will appeal to consumers who want a great tasting, authentic and high quality rum punch made by one of the most recognisable brands in rum.

Cockspur Rum Punch is being brought to market by renowned drinks industry figure, Steve Wilson: “Our rum punch is pitched at consumers who are looking for the great taste of a traditional Caribbean punch but who want to skip the painstaking preparation.”

Steve spent some time living in Barbados and fell in love with the taste of the local punch and the unique Bajan vibe: “It’s such a great culture, so inclusive, family-focused and incredibly social and the punch plays a massive part. I wanted to recreate a vibrant and authentic variation of the drink, which was able to bring to life the fantastic Bajan warmth and sense of fun.”

It is long believed that a 17th-century English sailor on his way to India is responsible for the first variations of punch when he mixed medicinal brandy from the ship’s store with water and a few simple ingredients obtained along the way. By the 1660s, English sailors had spread punch from its origins in the Indian Ocean to the Caribbean, where it’s been the signature drink of the region ever since.

A more modern proponent of Bajan rum punch is undoubtedly the unofficial queen of Barbados, Rihanna. Her love of rum punch is well documented and she’s not shy of being seen with a bottle of Cockspur when she returns to her home island.

Wilson adds: We’re living in very strange times but post- covid, we believe the popularity of the RTD bottle, due to its hygienic and ‘no fuss’ format is set to increase still further. At the same time, the consumers desire for high quality, authentic products will remain a key driver of sales. We believe our punch delivers a true taste of Barbados here in the UK, bringing fun, sun and natural refreshment.”

The Cockspur range is distributed in the UK through sales, marketing and distribution agency Craftwork.

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