St Helen’s Farm, the UK’s leading goats’ milk producer, has launched its annual festive cartons designed for maximum stand out on shelf.


The designs are in the style of a vivid blue, green or red sleeve that mimics a carton wrapped as a present and the famous St Helen’s Farm goat logo sporting a festive hat!

The Christmas theme will be featured on over 1 million, one litre, cartons across its whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed goats’ milk range.

This is the 8th year that the dairy has entered into the festive spirit and the cartons will run on shelf up to Christmas before reverting back to their standard designs that feature case studies of happy customers on pack who have sent in their stories and photographs about their love of goats milk.

The dairy has also announced that in the New Year it will be featuring the first of a number of celebrities on its milk cartons, who enjoy the benefits of a goats’ milk diet.

St Helen’s Farm Sales & Marketing Manager, Mike Hind, said: “We like to end the year with a smile at the dairy and enjoy finalising the designs for the festive cartons each November. Customers send us comments to let us know they appreciate it and of course it helps with stand out on a busy fixture which is predominantly white.”

About St Helen’s Farm

  • St Helen’s Farm is the leading goats’ milk dairy in the UK and its products are available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado. St Helen’s Farm goats’ milk is 100% British, and is available in Tesco and Sainsbury.
  • St Helen’s Farm has been making goats’ milk products since 1986 and is based at Seaton Ross in East Yorkshire.
  • The business is part of the Kavli Trust, a charitable organisation that donates profits from commercial activities to good causes in the UK and around the world.
  • The St Helen’s Farm product range includes milk, butter, cheese, yogurts cream and ice cream.

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