Independently owned tequila brand, Cazcabel, has just been named the UK’s bestselling 100% agave tequila.

CGA data revealed that Cazcabel is not only the leading premium tequila by both volume and value but is also the fastest growing in the market, achieving a staggering 857% growth in the last 3 years, rising to 1st position in its premium price tier, overtaking Olmeca Altos and El Jimador.

Produced by fourth generation agave-farmers and renowned tequileros, the Vazquez family, Cazcabel has taken the tequila category by storm with its competitive positioning and award-winning quality. Hugely popular with consumers and the on-trade, the brand has added over £38m in value to the category, is now shipped to over 30 countries worldwide and recently revealed plans to invest $37m for a dedicated Cazcabel brand home and distillery in Atotonilco El Alto, Jalisco.

Championing mixability since launch, Cazcabel has diversified tequila with long and simple serves that attract gin and vodka drinkers. Drinks such as Tequila & Tonic and Tequila, Lime, Soda appeal to a wider, more health-conscious audience particularly in the U.S and Australia, whilst their take on the traditional brunch serve, the Bloody Maria, brings depth of flavour to a new day time occasion. However, it’s the Paloma, a refreshing mix of tequila, pink grapefruit and soda that has sparked the most interest with consumers. Experiencing 157% increase in Google searches this year, its pink hue and citrus-led profile is familiar and approachable and now more accessible than ever thanks to several mixer brands launching pink grapefruit mixers this year.

Within the on-premise it’s the ever- popular Margarita that continues to dominate, with it being crowned ‘World’s Most Popular Cocktail’ in 2022 by the Morning Advertiser. The rise of the iconic cocktail has been undeniable over the last 18 months, with multiple operators adapting their menus to the trend:

Simone Crepaldi, Operations Manager Collooh Callay Group: “We are seeing a massive increase of people drinking tequila, especially in Margaritas, both classic and spicy are flying at the moment. Other tequila-based cocktails such as Palomas are also having a significant uplift in sales! Since lockdown has ended, numbers in our bars, show that tequila is taking over gin and I don’t think it will stop anytime soon.”

Tani Hasa – Operator Lab 22 Cardiff: “Sharper cocktails are very much on the rise, and everyone’s go to seems to be a Margarita! Peoples palates changed coming out of lockdown, guests tend to favour a little more citrus in their drinks as of late. During lockdown people’s knowledge expanded exponentially, with home drinking YouTube channels, Netflix, and such other materials. People want to know more and expand their drinking horizons.”

Tequila is thriving, with a real global demand for discovery, knowledge and experimentation going into 2023. Cazcabel is poised to continue to lead the premium tequila category through Margarita’s alongside enlivening cocktail menus with exciting simple serves that showcase Tequilas superior versatility.

Cazcabel Blanco Tequila RRP: £25.99 for 70cl (ABV 38%).

Available from Amazon, Marks & Spencer’s and Master of Malt


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