The California Walnut Commission (CWC) is pleased to confirm that it will be exhibiting at the 2018 Ingredients Show at Foodex (April 16-18th).

CWC selected to attend this threeday annual event, which runs along side Foodex (a biennial exhibition), as it is positioned as one of the UK’s premier trade event for the food and drink industries. The published stats are impressive, with some 30,000 visitors, 1,500 exhibitors, 250 speakers and 100 live events all under the roof of an NEC exhibition hall.

California Walnuts will be showcasing it’s fun and vibrant brand within a 50’s style stand set-up, custom made to help bring a smile to visitors and of course invite them to trial our baked products using California Walnuts.

We are also delighted to have Charlotte White, Professional cake designer and founder of bespoke cake company Restoration Cake, in attendance throughout the event.

Charlotte is the founder of Restoration Cake and also the author of books such as, Deliciously Decorated and Burlesque Baking. Visitors to the stand will have the opportunity to sample various products produced by Charlotte, which will include: muffins, cupcakes, brownies, and celebration cakes. The CWC is keen to demonstrate how the California Walnuts origin can offer the trade a great mix of quality, value and versatility.

The main focus on the attributes of the California Walnut will be the mild taste, lighter colour and softer texture usually associated with California. CWC also aim to promote the walnut material as an ingredient, for flavour profiles and the uses across a range of food products. In doing so to promote the importance of using high quality ingredients.

CWC has invested over $18 Million in health research in 10 countries working with over 57 institution and universities. Off the back of these programs the CWC use exhibitions as a vehicle to update the trade about the significant health benefits of California Walnuts.

When you think of California… walnuts should be one of the first things that springs to mind since 99 per cent of the total US production of walnuts comes from California and walnuts are the third leading export commodity from the state.

Exports are now valued at just under $1.2 billion (wholesale) with the UK being the 3rd largest EU market, absorbing 1.6 per cent of the crop or 20,537,000 in-shell equivalent pounds (9,315 tonnes) in 2016. This is a record for the UK for California Walnuts and has resulted in the UK becoming Europe’s 3rd largest importer of California Walnuts.

After a 20-year absence of any kind of UK marketing campaign, the California Walnut Commission is back and with positive results. During the first five months of 2017 there were more California Walnuts imported into the UK than throughout the whole of 2016.

Peter Meadows, whose agency The Garden is the trade representative for California Walnuts in the UK, explained how: “California Walnuts are ticking all the right boxes for the UK trade which requires quality, value and consistency. UK consumers are becoming more and more aware of the health benefits of a plant based diet and the new Government eating guide is underpinning this trend”.

As UK consumers become increasingly health conscious, they are looking for foods which are healthy as well as tasty. There are many health benefits of walnuts and many consumers know that California Walnuts contain plenty of the ‘good fats’ as they are high in unsaturated fat. One study published by the British Journal of Nutrition shows that walnuts could improve cognitive function as well.

The popularity of California Walnuts in the UK looks set to grow as consumer trends change. The popularity of walnuts generally and snacking behaviour becomes more about eating and snacking on the go and around busy schedules.

Research from the NPD Group reports that snacking occasions are predicted to replace routine meal occasions by 12 per cent by 2024. The increasing popularity in the nut category among consumers, retailers and the wider food industry is going to help drive this growth. Expect to see more California Walnuts heading to UK shores over the next few years.

Come along and visit California Walnuts on STAND H270 within the Ingredients Show at Foodex at the NEC, Birmingham during 16-18th April.



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