California Raisins will be exhibiting in the Ingredients Show section of one of the largest food manufacturing events in the UK – FOODEX, held at the NEC April 2018.

Charlotte White – Professional cake designer and founder of bespoke cake
company Restoration Cake

We are delighted to have Charlotte White – Professional cake designer and founder of bespoke cake company Restoration Cake in attendance throughout the event. Charlotte is also author of 2 fascinating books on cake artistry – Burlesque Baking and Deliciously Decorated.


Not only will visitors to the 50’s style stand have the opportunity to sample various products produced by Charlotte, including: muffins, cupcakes, brownies, and celebration cakes you can also learn about all the different aspects of one of her key ingredients at the show, California Raisins.


That’s clearly like saying all apples are the same. Clearly, they are not. There are upwards of 15 different types of raisins and sultanas available in the UK from over 12 producing countries and 24 different varieties. The UK remains the second largest export market for California Raisins in Europe, and the second largest worldwide.

Like wine, which also comes from grapes of course, lots of factors contribute to the quality of the raisins. And like wine grapes, they do taste and look very different. Soil, weather, grape varieties, growing and drying methods all play a part in the final product and of course the final taste.


Who would ever guess this humble dried fruit packs such a nutritional punch?

The naturally sweet juicy taste, dark colour and unique texture through sun drying in the searing Californian sun during late August, makes California Raisins the top choice of young and old consumers as well as food manufacturers throughout the world. California Raisins not only add to the nutritional profile of many products they also add texture, taste, and even extend shelf life.

California Raisins are grown within a 60-mile radius of Fresno in the central San Joaquin Valley, the heart of raisin country. This area produces 100% of the raisins from the United States which totals approximately 300,000 tons a year. From Fresno to Felixstowe from snacks to snazzy main meals, from celebrations to celebrity cakes, California Raisins are an excellent, cost effective and versatile dried fruit.

We all know raisins come from grapes but it’s the process of changing from a grape to a raisin that makes California Raisins so special. The sun dries the grapes either on paper trays or on the vine itself. After drying which could take 3 weeks or more, the raisins are brought from the vineyards, and then processed by having their stems and cap stems removed before they are sorted by size, cleaned, laser sorted and washed in fresh mountain water at least 3 times prior to packing.

This portable, convenient tiny fruit from California is one of the most economical and nutritious dried fruits you’ll find.

Come and visit us on stand G271.



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