Leading UK manufacturer of breakfast cereals Bokomo Foods, part of Pioneer Foods South Africa, is launching its own cereal range, Perfekt for… to provide more breakfast variety to the on-the-go marketplace. Its first product, Perfekt for… Wheat Biscuits is set to launch in 388 Tesco stores this year, with the superstore having secured a 6 month exclusivity deal.

John-HilesBokomo is best known for providing own-label, branded manufacture and packaging services for many leading UK retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl.

Convenience products have become more ‘on trend’ in recent times with Mintel research revealing that more than half of Britons are eating breakfast out of home and of these, a quarter are doing so on-the-go. But the convenience breakfast market has traditionally been dominated by porridge pots, and with on-the-go breakfasters not having much variety, Bokomo identified an opportunity to develop and launch its own wheat biscuit product, but with a twist.

John Hiles, CEO of Bokomo Foods explains: “Perfekt for… Wheat Biscuits have all the goodness and taste of traditional wheat biscuits but are round! The concept of a different shaped biscuit was brainstormed within the Bokomo team; we wanted to do something unexpected but not take consumers away from what they know and love, but would work more effectively in an on-the-go pack.

“The different shape provides a point of difference to a very well-known and recognised cereal product. With Perfekt for… we wanted to ‘challenge squareness, and defy the norm,’ and it is felt that this is exactly what the new Perfekt for… Wheat Biscuits do.”

The new cereal will be produced at Bokomo’s Wellingborough site, one of two Bokomo factories in the UK which between them, produce more than 10 million bowls of cereal per week for all the major supermarket chains.

“Perfekt for… wheat biscuits are retailed in an eye catching red re-sealable PET pot. There are three options on the packaging to help consumers pour the correct amount of milk depending on their preference for softer, just perfekt, or crunchier. The label is in keeping with the yellow that consumers tend to associate with wheat biscuits and the two colours work together to create stand out on the supermarket shelf,” comments John.


Wheat biscuits are the first product in what is planned to be an extensive range of on-the-go breakfast alternatives by Bokomo. The Perfekt for… range is set to include a minimum of two additional wheat biscuit products, as well as featuring a variety of both muesli and granola-based products.



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