British summers are getting hotter, combine this with bi-monthly bin collection and you get frustrated consumers who are battling with stinky bins. Give them what they want and need – a trusted range with strong on-shelf presence.


The solution is to prevent these smells from developing in the bin, and this has never been easier thanks to Bin Buddy and its range of germ and odour-killing products.

Bin odour is a year-round issue, perhaps more noticeable in the warmer summer months due to the heat. Both indoor and outdoor bins succumb to smells and Bin Buddy’s range targets these problem areas, helping to keep bins smelling fresh all year long.

Once a bin is in use it’s common for smells to build up over time.  Bin Buddy Kitchen Bin Freshener helps to kill germs and neutralise odours – a regular sprinkle whenever the bin is used will help to keep nasty stenches at bay. Each pack has up to 18 applications. This product retails at around £2.49.

Using Bin Buddy Bin Wipes before putting a bin liner in will help to keep bins smelling fresher and sanitised for longer. The wipes kill 99.9% of bin germs including E.Coli, listeria and salmonella, and they help to remove dried on food and tea and coffee stains. The wipes retail at around £2.19.

Bin Buddy Indoor and Outdoor Bin Disinfectant Spray is a great all-round bin care product. The spray should be used regularly inside indoor and outdoor bins and bin bags to keep them free from odours. The spray deodorises, kills germs and cleans bins all in one easy solution, and it retails at around £2.49.

With bin collection taking place every two weeks it’s not unusual for flies, and even maggots, to make themselves at home in wheelie bins. Not only is this embarrassing for bin owners it’s also very unpleasant to clean. Bin Buddy Outdoor is a one-stop wheelie bin freshener. Just one application every couple of days will kill flies and insects, making sure wheelie bins smell great, especially during the summer months.

Bin Buddy was first-to-market with its range of innovative bin cleaning and deodorising products and has since owned the branded category. With spring on its way consumers will be out looking for bin cleaning, germ busting, sweet smelling solutions, all of which can be found within this market-leading range.

For more information, contact the Bin Buddy sales team on 0870 6030420.

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