The first quarter of 2014 saw Kepak Convenience Foods, the company driving the Hot Quick & Tasty fixture, invest a brand record of £1.5 million in a new national TV campaign for Rustlers, the UK’s number one micro-snacking brand.


Announced in January and first aired in February, the new 30-second commercial, which spearheaded the latest chapter in the £78 million* brand’s evolution, was headlined ‘Satisfy Your Hunger Monkey’ and was supported by a significant social media campaign.

The commercial features a young man sat in the kitchen at his laptop when his stomach rumbles. His hunger monkey appears and he needs to fill his hunger gap. His first instinct is to reach for the biscuits and then some bread, but his hunger monkey steers him towards something that is both tasty and filling – a Rustlers burger in the fridge.

The hunger monkey microwaves the burger and the young man is shown completely satisfying his hunger by tucking into the Rustlers burger. He then relaxes contentedly on the sofa with his satisfied hunger monkey at his side. The commercial, which broke on February 3 and ran until March 9, ends with the voiceover ‘Satisfy Your Hunger Monkey’.

John Armstrong, Kepak Convenience Foods’ Marketing Director, says the commercial ‘broke new ground’ for Rustlers, both in terms of content and brand positioning.

“In the past we’ve used TV adverts to show how Rustlers can help people to refuel effortlessly; this time we’ve been showing how, when people are hungry, Rustlers hits the spot, delivering true satisfaction.

“In line with the brand’s maturing profile, the commercial targets 16 to 34-year-old men and women rather than the previous 16 to 24-year-old lads.”

The commercial was screened during peak-time on traditional TV, Catch up TV, Video on Demand (YouTube) and Mobile (In-app adverts).

The TV commercial’s reach has been massive. Three quarters of all 16 to 34-year-olds, which equates to 12 million people, were expected to see it more than five times.

A significant social media campaign ran supporting the advert, ensuring it reached as much of the target audience as possible, at the optimum times. Twitter and Vine videos were used as key tools to target consumers during their ‘hunger moments’ and ongoing Facebook and Twitter campaigns will encourage dialogue with consumers to maintain the momentum of Hunger Monkey activity.

The commercial marked the start of a major, heavyweight brand support programme for Rustlers during 2014. Other key elements included category-boosting new product development and major on-pack activity.

The commercial came soon after research confirming that 7 out of 10 consumers preferred Rustlers to other micro burgers**, reinforcing its position as the UK’s number one micro-snacking brand and its importance as a beacon brand on the Hot, Quick & Tasty fixture.

Stand by for more Rustlers news from Kepak in early 2015!

* IRI 52 w/e December 7 2013

** Independent market research with 322 consumers, Sept 2013

Tel: 01772 688300

Twitter: @kepaktrade

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