zbd_epop_product_range_retailZBD, the epaper for retail specialist, has launched the epop 50 – its smallest shelf edge display yet. The new compact epop 50 (electronic point of purchase) label provides retailers with a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to paper tags traditionally used within a retail environment that are a drain on both cost and manpower.

The epop 50 is the smallest display in ZBD’s product range at just 70mm x 32mm in size and combines a high-definition zero-power, bistable LCD display with a small communications device located in the back office that can wirelessly update individual displays, a store or an entire retail estate at the touch of a button.

ZBD’s unique zero infrastructure requirements allow the solution to be installed in store on a same-day basis, guaranteeing a low total cost of ownership, and a huge advantage over first generation electronic shelf edge labels, which required metres of cabling and disruption to stores. Its multi-functionality means that ZBD’s epaper solution can deliver a return on investment in under one year.

Part of ZBD’s total store solution, the epop 50 really is ‘plug and go’. Its crisp, clean white screens enable fully graphical content, empowering retailers with the ability to change product-related information – anywhere, any time including logos, competitor pricing and price cuts.

Commenting on the launch, Shaun Gray, CEO, said: “The addition of the epop 50 to our product range enables us to offer retailers a total store solution for the first time. Our solution is capable of equipping an entire store – from convenience stores through to hypermarkets and department stores. Progressive retailers are looking to utilise our epaper solutions to assist in tackling the recessionary retail market with aggressive price and promotion strategies.”

ZBD is a leader in the design and supply of the next generation of electronic shelf edge labels and associated software solutions for the retail industry. Its product portfolio delivers electronic paper for retail, giving a low total cost of ownership and a clear and tangible return on investment. ZBD’s solution removes the need for traditional paper labeling, providing retailers with a cost-effective and efficient way to manage pricing, product and promotional information, dynamically.

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