Kellogg’s has today (6th July) partnered with The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), as part of an initiative to raise awareness around blind and partially sighted people’s worlds being turned ‘upside down’ as they try to navigate social distancing – which relies heavily on sight.

The campaign, launched today, calls for people to be aware, think about the challenges blind and partially sighted people might face and make small changes to keep everyone safe as lockdown eases. Its launch sees Europe’s biggest advertising display, the Piccadilly Lights*, running an upturned Kellogg’s advert alongside other displays in London every hour, as a representation of the World Upside Down that people with sight loss are facing.

As part of its World Upside Down campaign, RNIB is also asking people to lend their support by turning their social media profile pictures upside down and testing themselves with the charity’s online social distancing quiz.

Kellogg’s Packaging and POS Director Pete Matthews said: “Kellogg’s was really pleased to be given the opportunity to flip our advert upside down on the iconic Piccadilly Circus billboard as part of this important campaign to help draw attention to the impact on the sight loss community of social distancing.”

Eleanor Southwood, Chair of Trustees at RNIB, said: “Blind and partially sighted people like me are used to navigating a world not designed with us in mind, but social distancing has really turned our world upside down. A lot of the coping strategies and tools we use to get around safely – like being guided – are not allowed under current rules, and many have been left stranded.

“We’ve heard from many blind and partially sighted people who are incredibly anxious about how to manage the situation, and we’re concerned that this will have a real impact on people’s quality of life. The ‘new normal’ risks causing a double lockdown for people with sight loss. This is not fair or acceptable.

“We’re asking the general public to help us safely social distance whilst getting on with life. By being aware of the challenges we might face, and simply asking if assistance is needed, you can help us keep our independence and stay safe. We also want the Government and businesses to take action, so that measures designed to protect us are inclusive to everyone, not just to those who can see them”

*The Piccadilly Lights artwork was created by The&Partnership and is being hosted by Ocean Outdoor without charge.

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