Westpak Group Ltd, a supplier of sustainably-aware food packaging solutions, has recently unveiled its new website as part of its commitment to enhance transparency around issues of sustainability and environmental awareness.

The new website is part of a comprehensive brand overhaul for the company and aims to provide an area of expert advice and guidance around sustainability in food packaging. The new website features an expansive sustainability glossary, sustainability ‘frequently asked questions’ as well as a series of blogs and opinion pieces from the company to demystify some of the industry’s latest and most pressing environmental issues. The website also aims to highlight the key benefits and limitations of commonly used materials through the food packaging industry. In addition, full, detailed sustainability credentials are specified for each product providing a quick reference point in guiding product selections based around complex environmental considerations.

Key projects that demonstrate Westpak’s expertise in sustainability are also highlighted throughout the new website. These have included working directly with, or providing key supporting roles to major brands in the grocery and food service industries including M&S, Waitrose, Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Chicken Cottage, amongst others. The new website is part of a wider re-brand which is the result of several months of work alongside multiple design and branding agencies. Care has been taken to ensure the re-brand not only resonates firmly with its existing clientbase but successfully positions the brand for continued growth. For more information and to access Westpak’s latest sustainability resources visit www.westpakuk.com.

Seth Hicks, Managing Director at Westpak Group Ltd commented, “When dealing with Westpak, our customers have access to over 20 years of food packaging experience coupled with expertise in packaging sustainability and a bold innovative approach to delivering genuine food packaging solutions. The new website acts as a central point to keep up-to-date with packaging sustainability news, find new innovations, and access unbiased advice. We want customers to be able to make properly informed decisions when looking to improve the sustainability of their packaging.”

For more information visit westpakuk.com


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