The number of cigarette packs sold in the US dropped significantly in March as smokers made the switch to vaping.

Tobacco sales in the US fell 8.8% from a year ago (four weeks to March 23) according to Nielsen data cited by Morgan Stanley. While price increases partly offset the impact on revenues, the decline of 8.8% followed an 8% fall in tobacco volumes for February and an overall  5.3% decrease in 2018.

Dan Thomson, Managing Director of JUUL Labs UK says:

“We’re really encouraged by the new data which shows a massive 8.8% decline in US cigarette sales from a year ago. They have previously declined by only 2-3% on average every year. We believe JUUL has played a big part in that, and we can help achieve similarly transformative results in the UK by building on the success we’ve seen here so far. Since launching in the UK in July last year, JUUL is now available to adult smokers in nearly 5,000 outlets. That includes some of our most respected retailers in Boots and Sainsbury’s, where JUUL is now the number one selling vape brand.”

David Sweanor, a law professor at the University of Ottawa and the author of several e-cigs and health studies commented, “There is a pronounced acceleration in the decline of cigarette sales over the past year, and the increase in e-cig sales is a mirror image of the decline in cigarette sales. Some analysts maintain that sales are not falling as fast as the Nielsen data reports due to dual usage, but this position is becoming ever harder to support as more sales data accumulates from multiple sources and even Altria confirms the growth in exclusive vaping among smokers.”

JUUL’s mission is to improve the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers, of which 7.4m reside in the UK.

Retailers interested in becoming a JUUL stockist can call 0808 164 1301 or email More information on JUUL products can be found at

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