sigaret-hand-1.jpgSuperSmoker Ltd launches an electronic alternative to a cigarette in the UK. Following the success of the SuperSmoker in Europe, SuperSmoker Ltd is introducing its electronic alternative to a cigarette in the UK. SuperSmoker has developed technology to help smokers beat the smoking ban! The SuperSmoker contains no tobacco and does not burn – instead it consists of a microchip and a harmless liquid that, when the user inhales, turns into a virtually odourless vapour and then provides the hit of nicotine. It looks like a real cigarette, with the vapour resembling smoke, however it is completely harmless. As tobacco is nonexistent in the SuperSmoker it can be legally used in restaurants, clubs and bars… or any other public areas covered by the smoking ban.

The SuperSmoker offers users a real smoking experience whilst providing peace of mind that it is free of tar and other carcinogenic substances. The liquid, which is manufactured in Germany, is made up of food products to create a tobacco-like flavour.

The SuperSmoker is the only electronic cigarette that contains a liquid produced in the EU and has a traditional filter tip. Cartridges are available in different strengths and whilst it creates realistic puffs of smoke, it is also harmless for the people around you.

Simon Jones, Managing Director of SuperSmoker Ltd comments: “Since the smoking ban in July 2007 smokers have had two alternatives; they are either ostracised outside to smoke, or attempt to give up using one of the well publicised, yet typically unsuccessful nicotine replacement aids. With the launch of the SuperSmoker in the UK we are introducing a brand new category that gives smokers a real alternative; continue having the same physical experience and nicotine hit of smoking yet without any of the health implications.” He continued: “So far SuperSmoker has been incredibly well received in Holland and we are expecting a similar response in the UK.”

Price and Availability:
The SuperSmoker retails from £79 with each cartridge providing the same number of puffs as approximately 15 traditional cigarettes. Six refills can be purchased for £7.95. In a short period of time a smoker could save up to 65% of their smoking costs by using the SuperSmoker.

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