Paul Anderson, Commercial Director of Gram Commercial A/S, comments: “Gram is the UK’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient commercial refrigeration. Setting the standard in sustainable refrigeration solutions, Gram has always been at the forefront of producing the most energy efficient refrigeration on the market.

Gram-Superior-72-and-Eco-70-models“In 2014 Gram’s portfolio has expanded to include the most energy efficient commercial refrigeration on the market – the SUPERIOR Plus 72 and the ECO Plus 70.

“The energy efficient credentials of the SUPERIOR Plus 72 are truly exceptional, with an unbeatable energy consumption of 329kWh/year,  so the unit only costs £32.90 a year to run. The SUPERIOR Plus 72 also has an Energy Efficiency Index of 3.78, compared to the 6.2 of previous best in class models.

“Joining the SUPERIOR Plus 72 is the ECO Plus 70. With a width of only 70cm, a volume of 600 litres and a number of patented solutions, the ECO Plus 70 is perfect for kitchens looking for a more energy efficient piece of refrigeration that provides exceptional storage.

“Both the SUPERIOR and ECO Plus have been designed to the same high standards and state of the art Danish quality and attention to detail expected of all of Gram’s units. The units have excellent temperature stability controls, ensuring that it is maintained at the same temperature thanks to a patented air circulation system and regulating measures.

“Due to the popularity of the Snowflake sub-brand, Gram has expanded the range to include a double door cabinet, two sizes of blast chiller/freezer and three sizes of counter. The units have been designed to offer operators who may have financial restrictions the chance to invest in a competitively priced unit with the lowest energy consumption compared to similarly priced units.

“Units in the Snowflake range have stainless steel interior and exterior surfaces, as well as removable door gaskets and shelve brackets to facilitate cleaning and preventing the build up of dirt and grime that can affect the smooth running of the unit. Furthermore, the Snowflake units have been specially reinforced in areas that see the most wear and tear, helping prolong its life and prevent damage.

“The Snowflake K605 cabinet joins 40 other Gram products in the Energy Technology List. Managed by The Carbon Trust, the list compiles the most energy efficient technology available on the market, and the K605’s presence on the list is testament to Gram’s commitment to making energy efficient refrigeration more accessible to foodservice operators, regardless of budget.”


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