Inspired by the rolling hills of the Peak District, Sweet Peaks set out to provide a rich energy source without compromising on taste. Let’s go back to a warm July afternoon on Mount Snowden; a weary hand reaches deep into a pocket to retrieve some much needed energy, only to return with a sticky mess of melted sugar. Not the energy or morale boost required to complete such a draining challenge.


Fast forward 18 months and Sweet Peaks had perfected a 100 year old recipe, cramming in an astonishing 99% of simple carbohydrates, the most easily absorbed form of energy, into individually wrapped sweets making them ideal for all sports, outdoor purists and activities, and all levels of athlete, adventurer or active person. For Sweet Peaks, the sky isn’t the limit, the summit is, stretching out hundreds of feet into the clouds.

Company Director Chris Pitchfork said, “When Maxons were looking to launch an innovative energy product into the market, packaging was going to be key. Lee and Phil really helped and the feedback on the finished goods has been excellent.”

With endorsements ranging from Dr Paul Gamble, founder of “Informed in Sport” and author of strength and conditioning books, through to Natalie Thomas, 2014 European Aquathlon Champion, Sweet Peaks certainly has the credentials to make an impact.

Not satisfied with offering much needed energy to the most active amongst us, Sweet Peaks also supports a number of charities, with 1p from every pack sold donated to the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity.

James Walker Marketing Manager

Tel: 01274 685566


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