easterUK POS Group Limited is encouraging retailers and their marketing departments to start looking at alternative methods of promotion to boost much-needed sales over the Easter period. The UK manufacturer of PoS materials believes ideas such as Easter recipe cards in counter-top leaflet dispensers or Easter baskets and hampers on display supports are the type of promotions to turn browsers into spenders this year.

The retailers’ Easter is no longer just about chocolate eggs; it has fast become the second biggest sales time, even first for many retailers. The fact is, consumers typically associate the Easter period with the start of spring; bringing with it longer days, warmer weather and a sense of renewed vigour, and retailers grab onto this optimism when promoting it. It is therefore not just a key date for food retailers, but also gardening and DIY, food and drink outlets and even fashion retailers. The simple fact is with warmer weather, consumers want to be out and about and with that comes spending.

Ultimately special offers need to be effectively promoted, never more so than now when stores are fighting for sales. But in difficult times, promotional materials need to come in at a credit crunching cost. UK POS items tick both boxes.
That means stores can provide fluidity to promotions, from outside, as part of window displays and then in-store. Using a combination of anything from ‘A’ Boards, to show cards, shelf talkers and poster holders will pass on a clear and consistent message to the customer. Yet, UK POS predict that the real key to standing out from the crowd this Easter will be to offer shoppers unique promotions or added value USP’s. These too can be promoted through the use of PoS.

Speaking of her predictions for this Easter, Sales and Marketing Director of UK POS, Debra Jamieson commented: “Easter is much later this year, allowing consumers to claw back from Christmas spending. With a bit of luck the milder temperatures of spring will start to kick in too, blowing away those winter blues. Taking that into consideration, consumer spending could see a vast improvement on like-for-like sales. Hopefully retailers and marketing departments will pick up on this and look to traditional PoS to support their in-store promotions. ”

For further information visit: www.ukpos.com

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