Leading soup brand New Covent Garden is hoping to bring an early taste of summer to consumers with its ‘Taste of the Mediterranean’ Soup of the Month.

‘Galina’s Tomato, Spelt and Pancetta Soup’ was crowned May’s Soup of the Month via New Covent Garden’s social media campaign, which encourages consumers to create innovative soups based on a pre-selected theme and vote for their favourites.

The winning soup, based on May’s ‘Taste of the Mediterranean’ theme, was created by consumer Galina Varese and was inspired by her love of the robust and rustic flavours of the Tuscan region of Italy.

‘Galina’s Tomato, Spelt & Pancetta Soup’ combines juicy tomatoes with spelt and rich pancetta to create a warming and delicious soup, reminiscent of those Mediterranean summer evenings consumers long for in the chilly British spring.

“Galina’s take on our ‘Taste of the Mediterranean’ brief is exactly what we were hoping to find when we started our search,” says Nigel Parrott, New Covent Garden’s Group Marketing Director. “Galina’s soup captures the rich and robust flavours which we all love about the Mediterranean and truly makes the diner feel like they are soaking up the Tuscan sun.

“The warming flavours of this soup will attract consumers who are hoping to bring the warmth of summer one step closer.”

Consumers are still encouraged by an on-pack call to action to submit their recipes for future Soup of the Months at www.newcoventgardensoup.com, where recipes, tips and a blog are inviting further engagement with the brand. The current theme is ‘Halloween’, and the winning recipe will be produced as October’s Soup of the Month.

Galina’s Tomato, Spelt & Pancetta Soup will be available until the end of May 2012 with an RRP of £2.20, in outers of six.

New Covent Garden

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