Ribena, the number one juice drink in the UK[i], is bringing its unique taste and vitamin C to the flavoured carbonates category with the launch of new Ribena Sparkling.

Ribena Sparkling is available this month in two flavours across three formats. Ribena Sparkling Blackcurrant comes in 500ml, 2L and 6x330ml multipack cans, while Ribena Sparkling Raspberry is available in 500ml and 2L formats.

Designed to sit alongside retailers’ flavoured carbonates range in the chiller – separately from Ribena’s core juice drinks – Ribena Sparkling is aimed at shoppers looking for exciting new flavoured fizzy drink options. As the fourth[ii] most popular beverage brand in the UK, Ribena is well placed to bring its taste credentials – and drive increased value – to the flavoured carbs category.

“Flavoured carbonates have seen amazing growth of 7.1%[iii] recently, and they also have one of the highest penetrations of any soft drink category at 81%[iv]. Four out of five[v] of those buyers consume flavoured carbs at least once a week,” says Charlotte Flook, Head of Brand, Ribena, at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I.

“Blackcurrant is the seventh[vi] biggest soft drinks flavour and there is only one other mainstream raspberry-flavoured fizzy drink offering in the market. We also know that blackcurrant and raspberry flavours are 33%[vii] and 61%[viii] incremental to the category respectively, which demonstrates the opportunity the new drinks can offer retailers in terms of additional sales.

“For these reasons, Ribena is the perfect brand to add excitement to carbonated soft drinks. The Ribena Sparkling range will deliver the unique taste and quality of Ribena, with the uplifting and refreshing taste of a carbonated soft drink in flavours which are incremental to the category”, adds Flook.

The introduction of a range of formats across the Ribena Sparkling drinks addresses the increasing number of occasions when shoppers are looking for carbonated soft drinks. In-home occasions for carbonated soft drinks have grown 40%[ix] during the Covid-19 lockdown period as shoppers embrace more ‘drink later’ drinks, meaning there’s a real opportunity for the right brand to drive excitement for shoppers with the right range of relevant formats.

“More than a third of consumers[x] are interested in added vitamins in their fizzy drinks, making Ribena the ideal solution for those shoppers. In fact, the brand has already been delivering on great taste with Vitamin C since 1938. We know that during the Covid-19 lockdown period, 42%[xi] of shoppers purchased products they hadn’t bought before – so retailers can really excite their customers by introducing an already strong brand into a new category, in new formats”, concludes Flook. The launch of Ribena Sparkling will be supported by an extensive shopper activation, out-of-home and digital and social media campaign. The Ribena brand is also offering retailers an exclusive reward which can be claimed through the Shopt app. Retailers can take advantage of this one-time offer from 29th September until 27th October.

Price-marked packs are available on both the 500ml and 2L formats. The 500ml PET bottles are priced in line with existing Ribena SKUs, at £1.09 or 2-for-£2, while the 2L bottles will be price-marked at £1.79.

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