hidden-hearing-image2.jpgA nationwide leader in the provision of hearing healthcare is making full use of a Marshall-Tufflex system to facilitate easier and quicker fit-out of its branches. Hidden Hearing operates a network of more than 85 walk-in hearing centres from the Channel Islands through to northern Scotland. The business is currently in the process of opening up to 10 new outlets and for these is using a revolutionary power connection system from Marshall-Tufflex.

The MT32 Power Connection System delivers tool-free, fast-track installation of complete cabling runs, from power source to final outlet, allowing contractors to complete jobs up to 80% faster.

For Hidden Hearing this means its new branches, including Chester, Llandudno, Chesterfield and Dundee, can be equipped with the necessary power outlets more quickly, delivering valuable savings in shop fit-out times.

MT32 is also delivering another huge advantage – Hidden Hearing dispensers often request audiometric testing equipment to be moved. In the past this would have entailed time and effort in relocating hardwired sockets but, with MT32, reconfiguring is a straightforward job.

Hidden Hearing IT operations manager Peter Symes said: “Because our branches have a semi-clinical appearance, we wanted a look that was appropriate to our services. The aesthetics are now a thousand times better than having wires hanging under the desk and data leads trailing. For us, flexibility has been the biggest bonus of the MT32 system, which is being used in conjunction with Marshall-Tufflex’s Sterling Compact 2 trunking.

“We have a lot of audio outlets, soundproof booths, audio speakers and audiometric systems. Now we can move this equipment to where our dispensers require it whenever we want. For example, when using a laptop we can use the appropriate length of lead instead of the usual two metre lead.

“Inevitably MT32 will save us time. However, at the moment its huge advantage is that we can be flexible in our planning which is a great time saver in itself,” added Mr Symes.

The MT32 Power Connection System uses a compact 32amp connector to provide a complete solution all the way from the power inlet to the final outlet, whether that happens to be for underfloor, perimeter trunking, or a multitude of other applications. The drive behind the development of MT32 is on speed of installation and safety. There’s no longer any need to manually wire up all connections on-site and the end result is a fast installation time resulting in lower project costs. Mechanically keyed so that it cannot be incorrectly interconnected, the system minimises the chance of on-site error. Boxes and connectors are all pre-wired, pre-tested and are re-usable. MT32 can be used within most MT trunking systems, including the new Odyssey range.

Hidden Hearing has been established for more than 30 years. It is a leading provider of hearing healthcare, employing around 450 people including 200 fully qualified hearing care professionals. The company’s Hearing Aid Audiologists are registered with the Hearing Aid Council, the government appointed regulatory authority for the industry. Most of the registered hearing aid dispensers are also members of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA), a professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards of hearing care throughout the private sector.

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