Sanicat, one of the UK’s largest cat litter brands[1] has unveiled a fresh new look as it leads the charge in giving customers clearer and greener choices when shopping for petcare products.

The rebrand brings Sanicat’s three core cat litter products under the same visual identity for the first time:

  • Sanicat Classic
  • Sanicat Clumping
  • Sanicat Plant-Based

Utilising FSC certified paper packaging across the entire range, the move has already eliminated 2million plastic bags from the brands production process and sets a precedent in the category when it comes to sustainability.

The brand’s ethos extends beyond the packaging with all its cat litter supplied from sustainable sources and with a raw mineral guarantee. Its new biodegradable, plant-based cat litter, made from recycled corn cob kernels, also taps into increasing consumer demand for greener pet care products, as well Sanicat’s corporate vision to become a more sustainable business.

The brand refresh comes as Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association reveals that over 17million UK households are pet owners, with 3.5million more pet-owning households than before the pandemic. Pet ownership amongst young adults is also rising, with over a third of 24 to 35-year-olds becoming new pet owners or planning to add a pet to their families.[2]

Katie McCallan, Sanicat’s Head of Strategic Business Unit, UK & IRE, says:“There are more pet owners than ever before, and these young adults are driving significant change in the category. Increasingly consumers are opting for brands that make them ‘feel good and do good’ so it’s important we are delivering a quality, trustworthy product that also helps reflect their values and beliefs.”

“More than this, with so many of these consumers first-time pet owners, we need to help retailers educate them on finding the right solution for them and their pet; whether looking for practical clumping or eco-friendly formats. This brand refresh will clearly signpost the options, as well as offering increased visibility and standout on shelf.”

Cat litter is an essential petcare product accounting for 4 percent of all category sales, beaten only by pet food.[3] Purchased over the entirety of a cat’s lifetime, it’s essential the brand excels at the job it’s designed for, as well as reflecting the consumer’s values or beliefs. With over 60 years’ experience, all Sanicat’s product innovation has the owner’s needs, as well as their cat’s, front of mind.

McCallan says: “Our cat litter is for cats, but it is the owners’ purchase, so what our customers want is always reflected in our new product development and innovation. Controlling odour has always been a key issue but the rise of cat owners over the last year who live in small properties or have open plan living and kitchen areas means our oxygen odour control is even more important. ”

Made entirely from natural clay and minerals, Sanicat’s litter is super absorbent of liquid and smells, using the power of oxygenation to guarantee odour control. As well as helping maintain a fresh-smelling home, Sanicat have lightweight and dust-free litter options for easy disposal, so cats and their owners can live harmoniously.

Sanicat will debut its new look for the first time at the UK’s no.1 pet industry event PATS 2021 in Telford, 26th – 27th September. The range is available to all grocery, convenience, e-commerce and pet specialist stores, and representatives will be on hand to help those who may be considering Sanicat for their shelves. Stop by the stand or visit for more information.

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