Sales of “square” 1200 x 1200mm pallets have risen in recent months thanks to growing demands from companies within the liquids and chemicals sector.

According to, the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets, the increasing need for this specific type of pallet is due to its favourable, square shape. As a result, Goplasticpallets’ range of 1200 x 1200mm pallets has become progressively popular for handling drums of liquids, powders and expensive core ingredients.

Particularly where the use of IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and road tankers is not appropriate. Either due to the rarity and price of the ingredient, or it being sourced in smaller quantities, from a number of different suppliers or countries.

Designed for heavy handling and high rotation use within returnable pallet scenarios, the uniform shape is ideal for transportation and storage. Especially of heavy, cumbersome containers that often prove difficult to handle.

Historically, the 1200 x 1200mm “square” pallet has been used by chemical manufacturers, who for various reasons predominately use 205 litre drums, and more recently plastic barrels. These types of containers are well suited to this design and size of pallet, because each pallet can comfortably hold four of these large drums or barrels at a time.

In particular, the APB 1212 HRR 6R Drum has been designed for this application, with blocks moulded into its frame to locate four, 205 litre drums.

The robust design offers superior strength and its distinctive size also makes it suitable for handling and storing big (FIBC) bags, weighing up to 1250kgs safely in racks.

With over 30 years of experience, has crafted a range of 1200 x 1200 plastic pallets to suit all applications from light to heavy duty. This range of pallets also offers the choice of an open or closed deck, three or six runners and, additional safety and anti-slip features.

APB 1212 Pool Closed 6R Robust and on six runners, this heavy duty pallet has a closed deck to make light work of bulk storage and distribution, including bulk bags and large drums.

The APB 1212 Pool Closed 6R is also available with a perforated deck and the option of three runners.

APB 1212 HRR 6R Drum Ideal for shipping and storing 205 litre drums of liquid or powder. This heavy duty, open deck, full perimeter pallet comes with moulded-in blocks to securely locate four, 205 litre drums.

Qpall 1212 M6R The Qpall 1212 M6R is a great alternative for applications that command a lower loading capacity. A medium duty, full perimeter, perforated pallet, it is well suited to the chemical industry and, distributing sizeable bags of powders, and materials such as carbon black.

Visit to view our full range of 1200mm x 1200mm plastic pallets and other returnable plastic transit packaging. As the UK’s leading independent supplier of returnable plastic transit packaging, stocks over 270 different varieties of plastic pallets, pallet containers, boxes, crates, trays and accessories in a variety of colours, configurations and sizes.

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