Retail software solutions specialist Solutions for Retail Brands (S4RB) has developed a new offering that enables retailers to deliver an excellent customer experience by enlisting the help of their suppliers.


UBX (Unified Brand eXperience) is a new way of working, where suppliers, retail teams and customers are linked together in a single community through innovative cloud software.

This latest solution is an extension of S4RB’s proven Supplier Engagement software, S4RB supplierENGAGE™, which is a platform that facilitates effective two-way conversations between brand owners and their suppliers, leading to suppliers feeling more valued, and improving the efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of interactions between retailers and suppliers.

UBX takes this concept a stage further by also involving retailers’ customers.

S4RB says this valuable additional link offers a number of benefits.  Retailers have easier access to fact-based and relevant information from suppliers that gives more quality and depth to their dialogue with customers.  Suppliers are engaged in understanding customer feedback and where there is a problem or complaint, they can help retailers be more reactive and provide faster explanations and corrections.

Over 50 percent of customers who ask a brand a question through social media expect an answer within an hour. If the question is product related, this is almost impossible for an own-brand retailer to achieve unless its suppliers are appropriately engaged.

Just as important, retailers and suppliers also have access to a pool of receptive customers through which they can try out new ideas, test products, and assess emerging trends and developments. This can help them to gain inspiration for new innovations.

With UBX, front-line retail staff can engage more confidently with customers, providing up-to-date information and a high quality overall service; this leads to customers enjoying an enhanced experience, where they feel more respected and involved. Suppliers feel valued and part of team, encouraging them to produce their best.

According to Kieran Forsey, Unified Brand eXperience Director at S4RB, “UBX turns customers into brand advocates, suppliers into brand champions and drives sales and growth for the retailer.” This is especially relevant in the competitive world of retailer own label products.

S4RB’s UBX Cloud Services is the first suite of software products to link Customer Experience and Supplier Engagement in this way. It facilitates closed-loop communication across entire connected communities – perfect for dealing effectively with customer complaints or feedback, or for driving product innovation with customers’ help, as well as many other applications.

S4RB’s UBX Cloud Services have the flexibility to be tailored to specific retailer projects or initiatives and generate significant commercial advantage.

“Retailers have long acknowledged the importance of strong customer relationships, and a fast and effective method of delivering these is essential given the increasing number of communication channels now available,” concludes Kieran Forsey. “UBX enables retailers to enhance their customers’ experience and at the same time supports stronger working partnerships with suppliers.”

Peter Anderson

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