TCC, the global leaders in customer loyalty programmes has embraced NFC (Near Field Communications) technology in their latest successful loyalty programme trial.

Narvesen Baltija, a chain of 240 newsagent stores and kiosks across Latvia, launched the trial of a TCC retail marketing program using NFC technology at 10 of its outlets in the capital Riga.

One thousand people registered to participate in the trial and were provided with an NFC-enabled sticker to attach to the back of their mobile phone or to place inside their purse or wallet. After creating a virtual account with Narvesen they were able to collect loyalty reward ‘stickers’ electronically rather than as paper-based labels collected in the traditional way. Upon registration shoppers were given a bonus of 10 reward points to start off their collection.

Once enough reward ‘stickers’ were collected participants were able to exchange these for a number of collectable BigHeadz Plush toys.

The programme, designed to increase shopper frequency and loyalty to the brand is the first of its kind in Latvia, which intrigued consumers and ensured the trial received the critical number of subscriptions to make it a success.

The results of the trial are promising and indicate that this type of ‘sticker’ collection and reward scheme is favourable to other methods of collection. Shoppers highlighted the benefits on their feedback proving that consumers are looking for a more portable, faster and convenient method of collecting rewards from retailers. The technology, which offered consumers a new experience, attracted interest from regular and less frequent shoppers, further cementing the brand in consumers’ minds as an innovative company, looking for ways to make it easier for their customers to shop and be rewarded.

In addition, the benefits as highlighted by Narvesen included faster payments and reduced queues, as well as cost and environmental savings.

Following the successful trial and feedback from Narvesen employees and consumers, TCC is working with Narvesen to move toward integrating the systems into all 240 stores POS, rather than using a standalone unit, paving the way for future branch-wide loyalty programmes across Narvesen Baltija in Lativa. TCC will also be offering this new technology to other retailers in Europe.


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