020514160641_2b“As awareness of the amount of energy we consume rises, alongside ever increasing fuel costs, more and more companies are turning to high speed doors to help combat this problem. Our range of DYNACO high speed doors will not only assist companies in reducing their energy usage and carbon footprint, but will also help provide a safe, comfortable and more productive working environment,” says David Whyatt, Sales Director of Easilift Loading Systems Ltd.

In a typical warehouse or distribution centre the number of times doors are opened and left opened during a normal operating day is considerable and, quite simply, the longer a door remains open the greater the energy consumption and the higher the energy cost.

Safety First

DYNACO high speed roll-up doors from Easilift incorporate patented concepts and technology and are the choice of many leading UK businesses. As well as delivering energy savings as a result of their fast operating speeds (up to 2.4m/second), they also include a variety of advanced safety features, including the WDD® (Wireless DYNACO Detector), which help protect employees.

The hard-wearing and lightweight curtain material used in their manufacture does not contain any rigid parts that can be bent or broken by fork lift trucks and injure staff. There are no parts than can become worn, removing the danger of expensive repair costs.


A further valuable feature of their unique design is that the doors are self-repairing. If the curtain is hit by a fork lift truck the door is released from its side guides. It then automatically resets itself after the next opening cycle, reducing the potential for costly repair work and expensive downtime. The door curtain absorbs impact without damage, allowing immediate operation to continue without disruption.

A Complete Range

Easilift provides a comprehensive range of DYNACO high speed doors to suit every application and market sector, including:


If you are in the distribution business, time is money. With literally hundreds of trucks, thousands of loads, continual personnel movements and products constantly being shifted with pallet trucks and forklifts, you can’t afford anything less than perfection when it comes to workflow and environmental control.

DYNACO doors are specially engineered for the high speed operation, safety and reliability you need to run at maximum capacity.


While confronted with general ‘industrial’ requirements, such as reducing draughts, accidents and material damage, the retail sector also has its own specific problems such as avoiding unknown shortfall, respecting the cold chain and making optimum use of the sales floor.
Easilift DYNACO doors can help solve all these problems. Additionally, some specific models (D-313) can improve the aesthetics of the sales surface, or provide an extra emergency exit.

Food Industry

The food industry has special needs of its own and DYNACO high speed doors are installed in hundreds of food processing plants around the world.
The main reason food operations choose DYNACO doors is for their exceptional four side seal. Outward pressure is often required to keep contaminants from blowing into a mixing room when the raw materials are delivered.

Dynaco doors seal hermetically, maintaining outward pressure at all times, as well as opening and closing extremely quickly, and are the safest high speed doors on the market.
With DYNACO doors, environmental control is a piece of cake.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industry

Hygiene is critical in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and Easilift can provide DYNACO doors to meet the most exacting standards.

From doors with stainless steel side guides, to the exceptionally engineered clean room door, you can have the environmental control you require, virtually custom designed.

With or without windows or covers, DYNACO pharmaceutical high speed doors are just what the doctor ordered.

Other Loading Bay Products

As well as high speed doors, Easilift provides a comprehensive selection of industrial doors to suit most applications, including the PowerDoor range which comprises insulated sectional overhead doors, roller shutter doors, fire doors, personnel doors and strip curtains.

Part of the Loading Systems International group, one of Europe’s foremost manufacturers of loading bay equipment, Easilift Loading Systems provides everything necessary for safe, efficient, profitable operation of loading bays. This includes dock pod systems, dock levellers, dock shelters, dock seals, industrial doors, high speed doors, vehicle restraints and lifting platforms. Easilift also offer a complete range of accessories and safety aids, from dock plates, dock bumpers and wheel guides, to traffic lights and integrated control systems.

The company, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2006, has grown to become one of the top loading bay equipment suppliers in the UK.

Easilift was also one of the first loading bay equipment suppliers to achieve the prestigious SAFEcontractor Health and Safety Accreditation. SAFEcontractor is a scheme that independently assesses the health and safety competency of contractors in a variety of fields and, as such, confirms to prospective clients that effective policies and systems are in place.

Easilift’s extensive customer list is a roll call of some of the biggest names in UK manufacturing, retailing, logistics, distribution and the service sector. And, reflecting the extremely high levels of customer satisfaction achieved, over 60 per cent of new orders come from existing customers.

The continued successful development of Easilift Loading Systems is due in no small part to the positive commitment of our staff, plus extensive facilities which include an in-house design team, together with experienced engineers available to advise on the most efficient and productive installation, whether as a new project or refurbishment.

This is complemented by a full installation and after-sales service, which includes the provision of preventive maintenance programmes designed to avoid costly loading bay downtime.

Further information about DYNACO high speed doors and Easilift’s market-leading loading bay equipment range can be obtained from:
Easilift Loading Systems Ltd
Tel: 0845 130 1920 (local rate)

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