fresh-for-10Continuing its long tradition of innovative and ecologically sound product inventions, RAP is relaunching its highly successful and much extended range of packaging solutions for the independent retail sector. The entire ‘Fresh for 10’ range will be showcased at Caffè Culture 2010 to be held at Olympia on 23-25 June 2010 (Stand D60, Ground Floor). High resolution images of the product range are available.

When RAP launched its original range of solutions for the independent ‘food on the go’ sector, it consisted of a range of Kraft effect packaging for baguette, wrap and sandwich ranges. With the launch of ‘Fresh for 10’, RAP’s range now extends well beyond the original offer and includes its successful Flexible Food Wraps, Hot Rap products for hot cabinets, food trays for salad ranges and, most importantly, a new range of day fresh and Freshpack sandwich wedges. The range is also now available in printed Kraft and White.

The Freshpack long life range of sandwich wedges are the lightest carton board sandwich packs on the market. Moreover, the entire Freshpack range carries the On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), a standard now supported by many major retailers and conforming to WRAP’s strict recyclability criteria (see Notes for Editors). The Freshpack range is widely recyclable, enabling each product in the range to be disposed of, with carton board, in the large majority of recycling facilities in the UK.

A typical sandwich pack weighs some 17gms. RAP’s existing range of sandwich packs, weighing a typical 13gms, was already the lightest carton board sandwich pack on the market. The Freshpack range is 15% lighter with all the associated savings in materials usage and transportation costs. Even if packs are not recycled but disposed of in a typical high street bin, the amount of waste is still significantly reduced over alternative carton board sandwich packaging.

Martin Beaver, Sales Director of RAP, said: “At a time of great pressure on all retailers to radically reduce their carbon footprint, RAP continues its extraordinary record of innovation.  The ‘Fresh for 10’ range will appeal well beyond the independent sector.

“Freshpack alone offers weight reduction and recyclability, reducing landfill disposal costs and retailers’ carbon footprint as measured by overall transportation and materials cost. Its pricing should also appeal to all retailers seeking to reduce their packaging costs.”


Benn Ely, Sales

Tel: 020 8392 8320

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