This year the popular Radnor Hills dragon bottle is having a makeover. The Family run award-winning soft drinks company with over 25 year experience in the industry have re-invented the labels on their plastic water bottles. The change has come as they move their source from mineral to spring water.

The exciting new branding reflects their strong Welsh heritage with the cleverly embossed Welsh Dragon on the neck of the bottle still taking pride of place. The clean, stylish and modern new look lifts the brand off the shelves. Radnor Hills have taken a new and contemporary approach to the branding using a modern ‘netted’ style background to imitate the Welsh rolling hills.

What does stay the same is its pure, refreshing taste of the water. Radnor’s Spring Water is well balanced and rich in trace minerals, it’s extracted far underground and bottled at source on their site in Powys, Mid Wales. The water can often take just 7 short minutes to be abstracted from the ground straight into their bottles using state of the art technology which means it remains exceptionally pure for consumers to enjoy.

Radnor Hills are dedicated to promoting healthy hydration. Whether you are at work, school or on the go it’s important to keep your fluid intake up, drinking water is the best form of hydration; it delivers fluid without adding any extra calories or preservatives.

Radnor Hills, making the simplest of things taste great! For more information please visit or email

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