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KTC Pure Creamed Coconut is tremendously versatile and a fantastic ingredient in Indian, Oriental, Caribbean and African Cooking. It’s wonderful for enriching curries and sauces, can be used to make ice cream and sweets and adds a creamy texture to soups and casseroles, making it a staple ingredient in the UK today. For dishes that require coconut milk, it adds a rich creamy texture, which helps to achieve the authentic flavours of so many foreign dishes.

KTC_Creamed_Coconut_200g_5013635301454Please don’t confuse creamed coconut with thick, liquid coconut cream. Creamed coconut is a coconut product; it’s the unsweetened dehydrated fresh meat of a mature coconut, ground to a semi-solid white creamy paste. It’s sold in the form of a hard white block, which can be stored at room temperature. To use KTC Pure Creamed Coconut in your dishes simply chop it into pieces or grate it and by adding warm water, it can be made into coconut milk or coconut cream. KTC Pure Creamed Coconut comes in 200g packs and has an RRP of £1.39.

KTC (Edibles) Ltd, founded in 1971, is probably best known in the UK as the largest family owned manufacturer of high quality cooking oils (supplying over 250 million litres a year) and essential ingredients. In fact KTC now offers in excess of 3,000 lines, from tinned pulses, tomatoes through to gram flour and spices, as well as the popular Caribbean brand Sea Isle. Operating from a purpose built 240,000 sq ft warehouse in Wednesbury and a second 80,000 sq ft plant in Liverpool, KTC is a formidable supplier to the grocery trade.

KTC (Edibles) Ltd

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