Sharing remains important to families, says Cassandra Stavrou, Co-Founder of PROPERCORN, with 53% of parents in favour of snacks that are suitable for sharing. This trend is reflected by the rise in popularity of home entertainment services, such as Netflix, which is forecasted to have 35% penetration by 2020. This is a clear opportunity for that nostalgic cinema snack, with 80% of popcorn shoppers buying popcorn for the at home cinema moment.

Premium popcorn is thriving and, most importantly, products like PROPERCORN provide incremental sales alongside current crisps, snack and nut ranges in store. It offers a point of difference with unique flavours all coming in under 130 calories per serving and occasion-led formats that invite new customers into the category.

PROPERCORN is the brand adding the most sales growth to the sharing format. It is the fastest growing within premium sharing popcorn in UK and continues to grow as households embrace the Big Night In occasion.

Health trends continue to drive the CSN category and should be a fundamental consideration for retailers looking to grow sales of their ‘big night in’ range. As consumers become more educated on the subject, they are seeking out healthier alternatives to their favourite confectionery and crisps.

This shift towards healthier eating and snacking has seen brands like PROPERCORN explode in popularity over the last few years.

Providing a healthier, wholegrain alternative to crisps, popcorn has added more to CSN than any other category; PROPERCORN consistently attracts a healthier millennial shopper, driving incremental sales with their collection of award-winning flavours.

In September, PROPERCORN introduced a seventh flavour to their colourful popcorn collection: Perfectly Sweet. The only Fairtrade accredited popcorn on the market, Perfectly Sweet is made using the best-quality unrefined, raw cane sugar and contains just 130 kcals per serving. Packed full of cinema nostalgia, Perfectly Sweet provides a healthier alternative to confectionary for the Big Night In occasion.

Retailers should focus their Big Night In range around products and formats suitable for at-home sharing. We recommend grouping these products to create a dedicated Big Night In display which is located in the most impulsive area instore- close to point of sale. A joined up approach across multiple categories, such as confectionery and drinks, as well as cross-category promotions will increase basket spend and impulse sales.

In order for retailers to get the most out of the Big Night In occasion, their snacking fixture should reflect the growing health trend, ensuring it stays relevant to the modern, health conscious shopper. 60% of shoppers say health influences their snack choice, so retailers should feel confident making space for healthier alternatives like PROPERCORN, looking beyond traditional snacking favourites.

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