‘Pressed’ pretzels are making their debut into the UK market following their successful introduction into the US market last year.

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Three variants of Pressels are launching in Waitrose, which has a supermarket exclusive on the products until next year.

Manufactured by Dream Pretzels, Pressels are ‘better for you’ snacks based on classic pretzels: pressed flat, flavoured with herbs, spices and seeds, and baked instead of fried.

They will initially be available in three savoury flavours, which the company describes as follows:


“Bursting with crispiness and coated with sea salt granules to create a great taste”


“Coated with the finest sesame seeds from Gujarat in India, these Pressels are delicious”


“New York deli snack Pressels – coated in garlic, black caraway, sesame and onion”

During the launch period, marketing activity in stores and in the media will highlight the flavour and eating experience of Pressels, and also place particular emphasis on the ‘healthier than other snacks’ attributes.

Pressels contain up to 80% less fat than a normal potato crisp; they do not contain additives including MSG, trans fats; and they contain no colours, artificial flavours and preservatives, or GMOs.

Dream Pretzels was set up in the US specifically to develop the stagnant market for pretzel snacking. CEO and company owner Mr Guy Zilberberg said:

“I hadn’t been impressed with the new products I’d seen coming onto the market in the previous years, particularly in pretzels. I wanted to make something that was really different, a completely new snack.

“Since we started last year we’ve seen a wave of new product development in the US, with interest in new pretzel shapes and flavours – the arrival of Pressels was the start of something exciting.”

Zilberberg said: “Pressels are now making their debut in the UK, launching exclusively in Waitrose stores in November, 2014. Waitrose is an innovative retailer that wants to bring its customers the best possible products; in terms of originality and excitement, health and quality. So we were delighted when they approached us and asked us to launch the product in the UK with them exclusively. Pressels and Waitrose is an impeccable match.

“We are really fired up about the UK market. It is renowned the world over for its insistence on great quality, food safety and grabbing its shoppers’ attentions with a continual stream of new products. Shoppers here want snacks that suit their lifestyle – which increasingly means something that is convenient, healthier, and tastes incredible above all. Pressels are the perfect fit, so I’m really excited to be introducing them to consumers over here.”

The UK launch is being supported by a promotional campaign in the press, online and on social media. Activity will feature articles in the consumer press; a link with Great British Bake Off contestant Cat Dresser; competitions and a product sampling survey promoted on social media; and product sampling to journalists and food writers.

During the launch period Pressels will also be available as part of an offer at Centre Parcs resorts. No other UK supermarkets are selling them.

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Guy Zilberberg: guy@dreampretzels.com


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