The Brief:-

Following an influx of new trucks at their Leeds distribution centre, Arla Foods needed to move from single tier battery changing to a three tier system as this would allow faster and more efficient battery changing. For this project, Powerlogic worked closely with Linde Jewsbury’s Ltd.

The biggest factor to take into consideration when going three tiers high is the roof height as the machine has to raise several levels to extract the batteries. Arla only had 5.5metres of clearance which is not enough for a conventional three tier system and many possibilities including relocating the battery room were evaluated and dismissed as simply not feasible.

Arla looked to several companies to achieve the three tier changing they urgently needed, however no other company was able to achieve their brief.

Here at Powerlogic, our experienced team have a combination of more than 80 years’ experience producing bespoke equipment to fit any scenario, and we knew that we would be able to meet and exceed Arla’s needs. They accepted our proposal to create an innovative solution.

The Solution:-

As this was the first time that Powerlogic had worked with Arla Foods, we needed to spend time getting to know how they run their facility, what their needs are and how we could install the new battery changing system with a minimum of disruption to normal business operation.

Working with our own UK based manufacturers, Powerlogic are able to produce bespoke equipment to fit any scenario including Arla’s problem. We were able to compress the height of our modules and make alterations to our changing machine enabling us to fit the system into the existing battery room with just 50mm to spare. This is something nobody else was able to achieve.

Strict time scales were set by Arla to achieve the changes; we were able to achieve these as everyone involved in Powerlogic projects, from the initial enquiry through to manufacture, installation and maintenance, is directly employed by us. This means that we are able to constantly monitor the full project without being reliant on sub-contractors or external suppliers.

We set up temporary charging areas, removed the existing equipment and installed the new system, all in the lead up to Christmas and with no negative effect on Arla’s operation.

The Result:-

Arla Foods had very real concerns over being able to run the facility smoothly and to full capacity over the critical Christmas period. They needed a greater number of trucks, but did not have the changing facility for them.

As Christmas was looming, it was not going to be possible to close the distribution centre therefore batteries would need to be changed throughout the removal of the old, and installation of the new equipment.

Powerlogic achieved this with flying colours, and within a total build time of four weeks.

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