The Brief:-

As one of our oldest customers, Sainsbury’s have Powerlogic battery change equipment in almost every one of their distribution centres.

The Stone distribution centre approached us with a requirement for battery change within a very small area of a larger room that also supplies access for fork trucks into a workshop. The only route for the trucks would be down the same aisle as the transfer car, but a standard aisle would not have allowed the drivers enough clearance to safely manoeuvre the trucks.

Nothing currently on the market could provide Sainsbury’s with the solution they needed so the team at Powerlogic took on the task on manufacturing bespoke equipment specifically to meet their needs.

The Solution:-

Following an extensive site survey and detailed assessment summarising the operations needs and requirements, the Powerlogic design team crafted a solution which included repositioning existing roller beds from the site, making best use of the existing equipment, together with a new Powerlogic 2m wide battery transfer car, which not only gives our clients our renowned high standard of battery changing, but also a wider drive through aisle to access the workshop.

Before we relocated this system within the already small changing area, the potential hazard of pedestrians walking to the rear of the system was highlighted to our customer, and we addressed this with the bespoke design, manufacture and full installation of mesh partitioning to the rear of the system, providing a safe pedestrian walkway.

The unusual need for the fork lift trucks to travel down the transfer car aisle also presented an issue with our usual changing point protection safety guard rails, as installing this would prevent the trucks from accessing the aisle to the workshop. Instead we used our newly available instant drying UV line marking service to highlight the changing position when using the battery system and the Powerlogic transfer car. This fast drying paint was speedy, and achieved a very obvious alignment area, without interrupting travel along the aisle.

The Result:-

Powerlogic created a safe, and fully functioning, relocated battery changing system with Sainsbury’s Stone distribution centre that allowed full access to the fork truck workshop.

The additional provision of Powerlogic’s onsite operator training by our own fully accredited trainer means the fork truck fleet and their operatives have the most efficient and effective battery changing solution for their facility.

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