‘PopKakery™’ was established in 2011, following three years of extensive research and development into the specialist techniques utilised in their ‘PopKakes™’ – a delicious cake on a stick, enjoyed with a special ‘no sticky hands’ guarantee. The result was 10 appetising ‘everyday’ flavoured Kakeballs, which are baked to perfection and coated with exquisite chocolate & eye catching decorations, then mounted on a stick.

Full of flavour, sweet, indulgent and appealing not only in taste, but also in appearance, ‘PopKakes™’ really are a great little idea, and they’re the perfect size too- finished off in three or four generous bites.

In addition to their purpose-built bakery in North London, ‘PopKakery™’ have recently opened their own production line in Warminster. The BRC accredited automated production line ensures the business can continue to supply its range of delightful treats made with wholly natural ingredients in larger volumes than ever before.

And the greater volume will certainly be required as ‘PopKakery™’ really begins to take a foothold in several sectors. As ‘PopKakery™’ co-creator, Melissa, described: “The product really is incredibly fun and adaptable- it can be sold in any number of food services outlets such as cafes, hotels, bars, restaurants as well as  retail. We have the full distribution model in place now; combined with the installation of the production line and our new shelf-ready packaging we are in a position to make a real strong push for retail, and are currently in advanced talks with a number of the larger multi-store national retailers.”

Easily customisable and accessibly seasonal, PopKakery™ offer the perfect addition for any celebration; birthday, bar mitzvah, graduation, hen night, or wedding. ‘PopKakes™’ can be custom designed especially for your event, with the option to change anything from the flavour to the frosting, as well as adding your own tiny designs or prints onto the KakeBalls for an even more personal touch. It is this latter customisation that is also generating the company a lot of business in the corporate markets, as they have the facility to directly print anything they want onto the product, including company logos.

For an extra special gift, ‘PopKakery™’ have also created a specially designed gift box, filled with 8 mouth-watering ‘PopKakes™’, with delivery straight to your door. Please see the website for more information and selection details.


Tel: 0800 145 5515

Email: info@popkakery.com


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