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The global bakery industry is predicted to be worth more than $410billion by 2015* – and pioneering new bake-stable ingredients launched by leading European inclusions specialists Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) will ensure that the company bags its fair share of the market.


Pecan Deluxe has launched a new range of bake-stable fudge inclusions for cakes, cookies and muffins, and even cheesecake bases, providing new and unique texture and taste options for manufacturers, artisan producers and in-store bakeries across the world. The fudge pieces are made from all-natural ingredients and are available in a range of sizes – 3mm, 6mm and 9mm – and an unprecedented choice of flavours including treacle, ginger, coffee, cola, blueberry, amaretto, strawberry, chocolate and caramel.

Developed in response to significant customer demand, Pecan Deluxe’s bake-stable fudge is complemented by the simultaneous launch of an extensive range of flavoured sugar pearl sprinkles, perfect for topping any type of cake, bun, pastry – and of course many other applications such as ice cream and beverages. Pecan Deluxe sugar pearls are available in an unrivalled choice of more than a dozen natural flavours including strawberry, coffee, amaretto, ginger and lemon – unlike existing products which are intended primarily for decoration. In addition, both the bake-stable fudge and the sugar pearls can be considered for bespoke flavour development.

These sugar pearls are much more than just sprinkles; they can also be added to cake and muffin mixes to provide a unique and delicious new combination of texture and flavour to standard recipes. A further advantage is their ability to be stored at ambient temperatures for up to 12 months. Pecan Deluxe’s production facilities in the UK and US ensure that even high-volume orders can be fulfilled rapidly with the option of staggered deliveries.

Pecan Deluxe commercial director Graham Kingston explained: “Pecan Deluxe already has an impressive track record in supplying household name food manufacturers and food service outlets across the world with innovative ingredients to make an otherwise ordinary product into an extraordinary experience for the consumer. We plan to maximise our significant experience and expertise, particularly within the ice-cream and frozen desserts markets, to bring pioneering new solutions to the bakery sector.

“UK households alone are spending around £5billion on bread and bakery products. In Europe craft bakeries still dominate the market, and across the world there is massive potential for manufacturers, bakeries and patisseries to gain a competitive edge by creating innovative and inspirational new tastes and textures. There is no other ingredient supplier offering the huge range of inclusions, fillings and toppings available from Pecan Deluxe. Add to that flexibility of product size, rapid turnaround and high volume capability and it’s a winning combination that will give creative bakeries the advantage in this increasingly competitive marketplace.”

* ’Bakery Products: a Global Strategic Business Report’ by Global Industry Analysts

Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) Ltd

Graham Kingston, Commercial Director

Tel: 01977 681141


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