How much is the tobacco-free nicotine pouch market worth? Is the market in growth?

Tobacco-free nicotine pouches remain a small part of the next-gen category but are growing fast. The tobacco-free nicotine pouch market grew exponentially in 2020, with total sales of around 1m cans*.

What is the most popular tobacco-free nicotine pouch variant?

Mint is by far the most popular flavour for tobacco-free nicotine pouches, representing around 70% total market volume*.

What is ZYN’s best-selling variant?

ZYN®’s best seller is the Cool Mint 6mg, but we also offer a 3mg pouch for those wanting a lower level of nicotine. Our Spearmint ZYN nicotine pouch, available until now, exclusively at Evapo and, contains only 1.5mg nicotine and is an alternative for those wanting a lower level of nicotine.

Which other of your products do you recommend multiple retailers stock?

As a relatively new category, education around tobacco-free nicotine pouches is critical so every consumer can understand where, and when, it might be right for them. The experience of nicotine pouches is very personal, so the consumer needs to find the right product for them. For this reason, it is also important to offer a range of flavours and strengths: although mint dominates, some consumers prefer a fruit base like ZYN Citrus, and ZYN® also offers something special for coffee lovers with ZYN Espressino. With ZYN®, you can have your nicotine under your own terms. Pick your flavour, pick your strength, pick the ZYN® that is right for you.

Why should retailers stock ZYN? What does the brand offer that other next-gen products don’t?

We believe in offering adult nicotine users a variety of products to fit in with their lifestyle and personal preferences. We are confident that ZYN nicotine pouches can provide a relevant and enjoyable alternative for consumers. With ZYN®, there is nothing inhaled, and nothing exhaled, meaning that whenever you can’t smoke or can’t vape, you can use ZYN®.

How is ZYN Espressino 6mg, launched last year, performing so far?

We had 3 products that launched last year: Espressino 3 and 6 mg and Spearmint 1,5 mg. Espressino 3 mg has been exclusively sold at Sainsbury’s. Espressino 6 mg and Spearmint 1,5 mg can be found in Evapo and

How can grocers maximise sales of your products?

The category is still very new and unknown so both visibility in store and education are key so that consumers can be made aware of this alternative and can try a product that fits to their lifestyle. We can see that the product sells better when it is located on the shelf.

Do you have any NPD planned?

ZYN® will introduce an exciting new flavour during summer inspired by the feeling of enjoying a drink on a warm sunny day by the Mediterranean Sea. It will be found in two strengths: strength 2 for medium and strength 4 for a stronger experience. This product will be initially found exclusively on

* Source: Nielsen, Unit Share, Nicotine Pouch Category, 2020


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