This month the Oykos brand, iconic for its luscious velvety taste and irresistibly creamy texture, is launching its first ever plant-based variant – Oykos Dairy Free Chocolate Stracciatella. In addition, it is also bringing its dairy Oykos Extra Creamy Greek Style yogurt to the market in a new big pot format.

Certified vegan by the Vegan Society, Oykos Dairy Free Chocolate Stracciatella combines a deliciously thick creamy coconut milk base with fine vegan chocolate shavings for a truly divine taste. The coconut base gives the indulgent dairy alternative a creamier texture compared to using other plant-based milks, while the large format gives consumers the opportunity to appreciate it on its own or to personalise it by adding toppings. With dairy alternatives growing 14.9% year on year in the CYPD category, Oykos’ entry into the dairy-free space invites consumers following a vegan or flexitarian diet to enjoy the great taste of Oykos.[1]

Sarah Dossett, Marketing Director for Danone Essential Dairy and Plant-based, comments on the launch: “While the trend for indulgent dairy alternatives is on the rise, we know that taste can be the biggest barrier to purchase in the plant-based category.[2] With its expertise in luxury indulgence and delivery of great taste, Oykos is stepping into the dairy-free aisle to help satisfy these consumers with a delicious and creamy dairy alternative in Stracciatella dessert flavour.”

Alongside this innovation, Oykos has also introduced two extra creamy pots of its Greek style yogurt in new 450g recyclable big pot formats.[3] Available in two delicious flavours, Natural and Vanilla, the Oykos Extra Creamy Greek Style Big Pots are perfect on their own or for creating mouth-watering combinations.

Eating at home has grown +33% since March this year, with even more in-home eating occasions expected in future.[4] With more consumers staying at home, Oykos Extra Creamy Greek Style Big Pots taps into the rising trend for yogurt mix-ins and delivers against consumer requests for a big pot format. Google Trends shows that searches for ‘yogurt recipes’ and ‘dessert recipes’ increased by +116% and 71% respectively between January and May this year, and so the Oykos Extra Creamy Greek Style Big Pots also offer inspiration on the back of the pack.[5]

Sarah Dossett adds: “Oykos has one of the highest repeat rates within the category, and with enjoyment being the biggest driver of consumption in the evening and the biggest driver for Oykos consumption, we’re excited to bring these new innovations to market for both our loyal consumer base and new consumers to enjoy.[6]

Oykos Dairy Free Chocolate Stracciatella will be available nationwide at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose this month, with an RRP of £2.50 for a 350g pot. Oykos Extra Creamy Greek Style is available in Natural and Vanilla flavours in Morrisons nationwide with an RRP of £1.50g for a 450g pot.

For more information about Oykos, please visit their website at

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