Trusted cold and flu experts, Olbas launch NEW fast-acting Olbas Nasal Spray, a gentle yet effective decongestant that works within just two minutes to relieve blocked noses.

The launch of Olbas Nasal Spray sees the UK’s number one decongestant oil brand, Olbas introduce a fast-acting nasal spray to the market that works within just two minutes. Bolstering the brand’s cold fighting credentials, Olbas Nasal Spray delivers fast and impactful on-the-go relief for blocked noses.

Olbas Nasal Spray is a winter health essential, clinically proven to unblock the nasal passages and prevent the spread of viral infections and bacteria. The natural formula combines essential oils of eucalyptus, niaouli and wild mint extract with mineral-rich hypertonic seawater.

Retailing in a handy 20ml spray bottle, Olbas Nasal Spray is perfect kept in a handbag, desk drawer or car glove box for effective relief from cold and flu symptoms in everyday environments. The spray is suitable for adults and children aged 6 years upwards, making Olbas Nasal Spray a staple for any family medicine cupboard.

Olbas Nasal Spray is an exciting launch for Olbas as the recognised brand expands its on-the-go cold remedy offering. New Olbas Nasal Spray perfectly complements the traditional Olbas range as a handy solution for stuffy noses. Best known for its range of menthol decongestants, Olbas has been helping the UK tackle winter colds and flu for over 40 years, gaining a trusted and recognised name and loyal customer base.

Olbas Brand Manager, Nikki Banwell said: “With the launch of Olbas Nasal Spray, we are thrilled to be introducing a fastacting nasal spray to the market that not only works within two minutes, but also provides an immediate refreshing sensation. Our allnew nasal spray will help to provide consumers with quick and easy relief from blocked noses during their busy everyday life. Many consumers will continue their everyday commitments while fighting a cold, so Olbas Nasal Spray provides an on-the-move, quick comfort and easy to administer solution for blocked noses.”

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