Ocean Spray®, the world’s leading cranberry juices, juice drinks and dried cranberries brand, which is currently experiencing brand growth of +13.2% in the UK1, is grabbing life by the berries with the launch of a new product range this summer specifically aimed at giving consumers a tasty, convenient fibre boost.

As part of its mission to be a leading health and wellness brand in the UK, Ocean Spray® is using the power of the cranberry – which has strong health credentials including the fact it is naturally high in fibre – to launch Fibre Boost, a range of premium high fibre cranberry snacks.

Fibre Boost Cranberries are designed to appeal to health-conscious, 40-55 year old women who are looking for delicious short-cuts to a healthier life through their diet.

According to independent research, one in three UK consumers are increasing their consumption of fibre2, however, 90% of UK consumers don’t eat the recommended amount of fibre each day3 . Ocean Spray®  is using the product launch to educate consumers about the importance of gut health and the role of fibre .

Comments Caroline Bethell, managing director of Ocean Spray Europe: “Berries, and specifically cranberries, have always been at the heart of Ocean Spray’s offering and we know that they have incredibly strong health benefits that go way beyond support for urinary tract health. Which is why at Ocean Spray we are reasserting these credentials to become a leading health and wellness brand in the UK.

“Our new fibre-focussed range not only addresses the functional health benefits of the powerful cranberry in terms of gut health, but through consumer education we are aiming to focus on the emotional benefits too, both of which address the key needs of the target female consumer. We know she is someone who actively purchases products for her nutritional needs and sees berries as a go-to healthy snack and superfruit, and therefore a positive influence on her health through diet.”

Fibre Boost Cranberries

Ocean Spray®  has developed Fibre Boost Cranberries (120g, RRP £2.49), a delicious and convenient way to help consumers reach the recommended daily amount of fibre. Fibre Boost Cranberries are a permissible indulgence for snackers looking for both taste and nutrition and they are versatile too as they can be added to cereal, porridge and salads and also used in baking in addition to snacking.

The new range, which is available in Waitrose and launches into Tesco in September, includes four delicious, easily accessible flavours to give consumers indulgent choices to increase their fibre intake: Cranberry, Mango flavoured cranberry, Cherry flavoured cranberry and Orange flavoured cranberry.

Each colourful pack contains:

  • 7.5g fibre per 30g portion, which is 25% of the recommended daily amount2
  • Only 86kcal per 30g portion
  • Just 11% of the daily adult RI for sugar per 30g portion
  • 50% less sugar than traditional dried fruits such as raisins (23%), mango (22%) and strawberry (19%), making them one of the lowest sugar dried fruits4

Adds Bethell:  “There is a clear trend in sales of naturally healthy foods, which has accelerated due to Covid, and we know demand for cranberry-based products is high among consumers who understand the health benefits of this superfruit.  We see Fibre Boost Cranberries as an opportunity for retailers to excite consumers about cranberries as a snack.”

The launch is being supported by a comprehensive shopper support plan.

Ocean Spray®  is demonstrating strong outperformance versus the market in the UK, with value sales of its juice and juice drinks up 25.3% in the latest quarter versus total market decline of 3.9%.   The picture is similar in chilled take home, with +32% quarterly growth versus just 7.8% total market.  The majority of Ocean Spray brand sales are incremental to the category.

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