nilfiskKeeping track of machine movements across hundreds of sites is a common and costly problem for major Cleaning Contractors and End Users.

Nilfisk Advance have invested in an all encompassing service IT platform. The system called N-sure  sets out to provide clients with live, transparent information on all machines and all sites nationwide.

At the core of the system are handheld PDA’s carried by both the 46 strong engineering team and 30 direct sales heads.

All machines are fitted with a RFID, Radio Frequency Identification tag on installation. This tag identified by machine type and serial number will record the machines history for life.

The Engineers receive details of new service visits via the PDA, once accepted the system registers information live time and shows the engineer as en-route.

A major advantage is the ability for the PDA device to directly call the client on site with the press of one button.

The PDA also acts as a 3 mega pixel camera allowing photographs from site to be instantly transmitted.

Once on site the Engineer uses a scanning device to scan the RFID tag confirming serial number information. The scanning device will immediately identify if the machine has moved from the original location.

When works are completed the engineer enters details and captures the client signature on the PDA screen. Jobs are identified as complete, parts on order, loan machine required and auto prompts for PAT testing are standard.

All information is accessed live time at the Nilfisk head office allowing parts to be ordered immediately, often saving up to 24 hours.

Each client has an individual internet portal allowing them to see both breakdown and maintenance progress across all sites live time. Key Performance Indicators such as first time fix rate, breakdowns per site and same day call outs can be easily monitored.

Martin Chambers, Operations Director for Nilfisk commented. ‘Live time information and full asset management has long been a challenge of all equipment suppliers. I am delighted to provide our client base with a system that delivers them real visibility together with the increase in efficiency and customer service that this delivers. The N-sure system is providing real benefits to us in terms of engineer efficiency and reduced lead time for spare parts.’

Nilfisk was one of the first equipment suppliers to provide a true ‘Rainbow Service’ in the UK. A number of the engineering team are identified as Rainbow specialists and carry multi faceted van spares.

This enables the client to have a single point of contact covering all their service needs irrespective of make or model.

A dedicated internal co-ordinator at the Nilfisk head office takes care of ordering all Rainbow parts via a single source partner.

Nilfisk Advance, the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment. From Tub Vacs through to Road Sweepers Nilfisk offers a complete and affordable solution to all cleaning challenges. Demonstrations, onsite training, service, hire and finance options offered from a nationwide direct sales team. 01284 763163

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