Data Protection Legislation – What it Means for You!


Britons are 20 times more likely to be a victim of fraud such as computer virus attacks and hacking than robbery. Recent high profile hacks into major firms, and the proliferation of phishing, malware and ransomware, are threats capable of bringing any business to its knees.

The new law will give more rights for people to control their personal data, and will make FMCG directors and others personally accountable, meaning the real prospect of personal financial ruin will be added to big corporate penalties.

No business can ignore this. “The current Data Protection Act was drawn up at a time that predated widespread use of Smartphones, social media or indeed the Internet itself,” says data protection expert Ian Collard of Identity Methods.

17 years ago less than 1% of Europeans used the internet.

Today, vast amounts of personal data are transferred and exchanged around the world

In a digital age, the collection and storage of personal information is essential. Data is used by all businesses – from distribution firms to retailers.

“There’s still a mountain to climb in simply getting organisations to be aware of their new obligations,” adds Mr Collard.

“Our survey shows that 38% are still not aware of the new rules and fewer still (14%) have planned their compliance.”

Two-thirds of people (67%) are concerned about not having complete control over the information they provide online.

Outsourcing data processing offers no escape from the law – you will still be liable for its security.

Plus data processors will also share liability for compliance – something many of them don’t currently appear to understand.

If you’re unsure – and who isn’t? – get help as soon as possible.

There’s a free eBook download here

Ian Collard is Managing Director of Identity Methods, who are retained on cyber threat, data protection, identity and access management matters by British and European organisations including banks, city councils, the police and other insurance, government and retail sector clients.

Identity Methods’ new book ‘European Data Protection Legislation – What it Means to You’ is available from Amazon and as a free download from

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