It’s vital for retailers to drive repeat traffic from existing customers. But how to do this against a backdrop of diminishing email effectiveness and smartphone users’ reluctance to download more Apps?


“It’s time to make loyalty simple again,” says Text My Deal’s Alan Cohen. “Ofcom says SMS is still the UK’s most popular form of communication; 98% of texts are read. Compare that to 25% of emails and 30% of tweets. And 10% of Facebook posts. Text My Deal is a simple, fuss-free way that has arrived with perfect timing for retailers.”

Retailers can pro-actively contact customers, making sure they know they’re wanted back. Several big High Street stores are reporting that Text My Deal fits neatly into the way they do business, and more importantly it fits well into their customers’ lifestyles. But it’s not a package limited to large multiples; the low-level investment means that even small retailers will benefit. Costs are low – from only £50 per month – and the results speak for themselves.

Text My Deal is now being used by retailers from cafés to High Street stores and restaurants, bars and hotels, with a simple mini-tablet keypad near the till to capture customers’ mobile phone numbers.

“I love the simplicity of Text My Deal”, says Greg Molen, boss of Smith’s, the restaurant near Tower Bridge that has become synonymous with fine dining and quality service for more than 50 years. “Customers are happy to enter their details because it is quick and simple. And now we have their details we can invite them back again and again.”

No wonder that Text My Deal has been nominated for a ‘Most Innovative Product’ award!

“It’s important to get the front-end of CRM systems out of the marketing department and into the hands of the shop assistant,” says Alan Cohen. “That’s why sales assistants, bar staff and waiters use our mini tablet to capture customer data. Then our intuitive back office software allows targeted personalised SMS messages and provides reports on consumer behaviour, giving insights on customer lifestyle. Retailers run ‘quick view’ reports to see who comes in when. And how often.”

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