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2013 sees the exciting launch of the new Creamy 50g Bar Range by family toffee maker Walker’s Nonsuch. These newly packaged cute bars tick all the right boxes: they are fun, exciting, have an attractive retail price point and appeal to all ages.


Walker’s has earned a reputation for producing quality toffee by using whole milk and butter and an abundance of cooking experience spanning over 100 years.

Attractive names and bright colours for each variety give the bars a strong shelf presence.  Dreamy Creamy and Nutty Brazil remain true favourites and up and coming varieties include Lovely Liquorice and Tasty Treacle.  Entirely new is Yummy Banana Toffee which tastes really scrumptious.

Just good ingredients are used, no artificial colours, preservatives or hydrogenated vegetable oils.  It’s a must to Whack, THEN unwrap each bar.  This ensures the bar breaks in to individual segments which make it easy to eat.

Emma Walker comments, “We are delighted with the look of these new bars. They are very pick-up- able and will suit all sorts of outlets. We think they will be a welcome addition to any display and offer something a little different at affordable prices.”

Walker’s hope to retain their loyal customers but also see a good opportunity to attract new consumers to their brand.

Bars come in their own black and white display tray packed 24 x 50g and each carton contains 6 display trays. The retail price point is in the region of 35p – 49p.

Walker’s Nonsuch

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