natural-clean-whoops-smallThe National Statistic for children between the ages of 0-3 in the UK is 2.3 million (National Statistics mid 2008 UK England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland). It is estimated that a child can damage a carpet through unpredictable accidents five times a year, this equates to 11.5 million spillages in UK homes annually.

Natural & Clean, the UK’s leading environmentally friendly carpet cleaning specialists can clean up any accident with their complete range of innovative and environmentally friendly carpet cleaning products, leaving carpets fresh, clean, odour free and ready for immediate use.

Designed specifically for the mother and baby market, the Natural & Clean Whoops a-Daisy! Is a biodegradable powder, that absorbs everyday spills such as blood, urine and vomit and changes to a gel for a rapid response. The spillage can be simply vacuumed or brushed away leaving behind a fresh smell. Quick, effective and easily disposable Whoops a-daisy! is perfect for use both in the home and whilst on the move, making it the ideal secret weapon for any busy mother.

The Natural & Clean range ensures no harmful toxins are introduced into the home environment, therefore, creating a clean and safe setting for all the family. At the heart of the Natural & Clean philosophy lies the commitment to manufacture and distribute the finest quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and easy solutions for the cleaning of carpets and fabric care.

The Natural & Clean ‘Clean Up Kit’ is the latest of these innovations, created for a simple and effective solution that works on everyday accidents. Designed to fit the glove compartment of a car or a changing bag, the ‘Clean Up Kit’ is a must have for any busy parent. Completely accessible and compact, the Natural & Clean ‘Clean Up Kit’ can turn any unpleasant surprise into a stress free experience whilst on the go.

nc_rangeThe kit contains: two 50g Sachets of Whoops a-daisy! which are suitable for all surfaces and are completely phosphate free, six Spot Remover Wipes, which are ideal for cleaning stubborn spots and spills from carpets and fabrics, one 100ml bottle of Hand sanitiser, one 30ml bottle of Carpet & Fabric Deodoriser which boasts a unique, proven ‘active microbe’ formulation guaranteed to kill any lurking bacteria and germs, two pairs of Disposable Gloves, two Disposable Bags and two handy Scoops for the simple removal of the used Whoops a-daisy!

Due to consumers increasing concerns and consciousness of the effects of chemically enhanced products on the environment and protecting the family from exposure to toxic products around the home. The Natural & Clean are proud to provide cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly whilst producing a range of products like Whoops a-Daisy! that soak up accidents and leave any carpet or sofa looking clean and smelling fresh. It is the only product of it’s kind on the market.

The Natural & Clean product range works as individual stand alone products and also compliment the other products in the range, they are available online at, and in selected Supermarkets and online stores.

It is more important than ever for conscientious mothers to ensure they choose the right cleaning products for around the home. A biodegradable cleaning product like Natural & Clean’s Whoops a-Daisy! is the solution.

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