Definition of enigma; something that is mysterious and seems impossible to understand completely. What is easy to understand is the major leap forward in flexographic print quality National Flexible has achieved with a new flexographic print process. The enigma printing technology.

This latest technology allows higher image resolution and greater contrast, it is a new development in screening which gives greater colour gamut whilst reducing the dot size to a minimum. The result of this is stunning flexographic image quality and amazing depth of colour. Within food packaging, where the use of imagery is heavily relied upon to communicate to consumers prior to purchase, the enigma technology will enhance this communication by making any pack stand out on shelf for your brand.

Packaging buyers have long been looking for gravure replacement and this method offers near-gravure image resolution whilst keeping the costs competitive to the flexographic market. Dave Daniels National Flexibles technical director, states “this new technology is producing brilliant flexo prints which, even to the most experienced eye, are incredibly detailed and vibrant”

Print processes are often complex and difficult to understand. However, the only thing “impossible to understand completely” is just how much this print will improve your pack presentation and boost your sales. For further information please contact Natalie Bartlett, Marketing Manager on 01274 685566 or email at


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