Social enterprise is set to take the UK beverage market by storm, with ethically sourced Nari Palm Juice.


An innovative London based ethicalhealth brand has announced the launch of a brand new soft beverage, combining the cultural, spiritual and creative roots of West Africa with an ever increasing demand for naturally healthy drinks.

‘Nari’ have created the first in a range of palm juice drinks, specifically derived and harvested from West African and South Asian coconut plantations. Not only does this produce a deliciously healthy drink, but also one with absolutely no added sugars or preservatives, allowing the natural magic of palm juice to be the number one ingredient in every bottle.

Taking advantage of one of the world’s most highly regarded natural resources, ‘Nari’ have committed to ensuring the palm juice in their drinks is not only ethically sourced, but also to working with local farmers across Africa to help prevent deforestation, and promote sustainable farming practices.

Nari Palm Juice founder and entrepreneur Tola James, commented: “Our mission is to create demand for palm sap based drinks and to educate small-scale tappers and producers in West Africa to ethically source palm produce using innovative methods.” Tola continued: “For thousands of years the sweet sap of the palm was identified as a ‘spiritual’ drink. Our brand and products embrace the spirituality and colourful, creative, ancient culture of West Africa.” The innovative Nari Palm Juice, currently available in both Apple and Mint, as well as Lemon and Ginger flavour, is now available in outlets nationally.

Nari palm sap is harvested from sustainable plantations in West Africa and Southern Asia before being shipped to Europe for bottling. Nari donate 10% of their profits to charity and support local farmers who work in the industry.


Tola James

Tel: 07581 235 137


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