As the summer comes to end and mums up and down the country are preparing to send their little ones back to school, Muvo laundry liquid is on hand to support in keeping uniforms pristine all year long.


Available in bio and non bio, its family friendly 3L bottle delivers an impressive 100 washes for a retail price point that is a fraction of the cost of the brand leaders. This is thanks to its super concentrated formulation, making Muvo the perfect choice for mums to help with the constant, daily laundry battle.

Whilst the start of term is an expensive time for parents, Muvo also offers a great way to save without scrimping on quality. Tried and tested alongside leading household brands, it boasts a powerful performance and pocket friendly price tag. Muvo is the ideal choice to clean up dirty uniforms and gym kits because even at low temperatures, it will tackle the most stubborn stains and can remove everything from grass to dirt and even dreaded school dinners.

Muvo is as kind to the pocket as it is to the planet thanks to its special ‘planet wise’ promise to deliver big results without big consequences, and so mums can rest assured that their choice is as good for the environment as it is for the kids.

Launched earlier this year, the liquid is already flying off the shelves of a number of leading discounted retailers and will be supported by a TV, marketing, PR and social media campaign to raise brand awareness, encourage trial and aid retailers in driving the product off the shelves.

Simon Gunter, Managing Director of SNG, makers of Muvo, said; “Muvo has already proven hugely successful since its launch earlier this year and we feel that the family market is a key audience. No other brand currently offers such a strong performance at a similar price and our approach is to work closely with our retailers to offer support and to make sure that we are doing everything we can to drive shoppers into store.”

Muvo is also available in a variety of sizes including; 900ml for 30 washes, 1.5L for 50 washes and 5L for 160 washes. RRP’s start from as little as £1.00 – £9.99.

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