Morrisons is launching a move towards the UK’s first six ‘zero waste’ stores in Edinburgh which will have the ability to operate with zero waste by 2025 – either from the store itself or from the customers who shop at that store. If successful, the ‘zero waste’ store format will be rolled out to all of Morrisons 498 stores across the UK over the next year. In the longer term, Morrisons aims to recycle all of the waste it creates across all its stores by 2025.

The trial will incorporate a unique partnership with Nestlé to collect and recycle all ‘hard-to-recycle’ soft plastics for the first time in the UK. All waste collected in the stores will be recycled in this country to avoid the need to export materials to be processed overseas.

Shop waste will comprise soft and hard plastics, cardboard, food waste, green waste, PPE, plus tins, cans and foils. In Morrisons ‘zero waste’ stores, it will be sorted by colleagues in the warehouse, then collected by a range of specialist waste partners for recycling in the UK.

Customer waste will include hard-to-recycle soft plastics like confectionery wrappers and pet food pouches, hard plastics such as yoghurt tubs, mixed materials like crisp tubes and coffee pods, specialist products like ink cartridges and batteries, plus previously un-recycled items such as foils and plant pots. It will be collected at new dedicated collection points situated in Morrisons ‘zero waste’ store foyers, before being collected for recycling.

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