coin-payout-system1Money handling expert Money Controls is bringing its expertise and knowledge to the retail and kiosk sector. Money Controls’ products are renowned across the globe for performing successfully in demanding environments. By taking this established technology, and using it as part of self service retail checkouts, Money Controls are able to deliver excellent security, reliability and performance – all vital for retail.

Money Controls’ products for the retail sector include bill acceptors, coin acceptors, coin recyclers, coin hoppers and hoppers shelves. Money Controls’ Ardac Elite bill acceptor is widely recognised as one of the most technologically advanced products in its category. Unlike some acceptors which only scan part of the note, the Ardac Elite scans the whole note. It has very high acceptance rates, meaning that even notes in very poor condition are accepted, resulting in a decrease in costly, aborted transactions.

Product integration shows Money Controls’ innovation at its very best. Money Controls uses its coin and bill acceptors in conjunction with its world-leading coin hoppers, and its unique PayLink hardware. PayLink connects to PC using a single USB point and allows credit handling, audit information, error checking and diagnostics. The Application Programming Interface (API) allows easy integration of payment peripherals into a kiosk or self service checkout.

In the retail market, Money Controls’ hoppers are used to provide change to consumers. By combining a number of hoppers together using a hopper shelf, and PayLink, the company is able to offer a large coin capacity. Hoppers can be combined as four or six hopper systems. As well as flexible capacity, benefits include easy maintenance and simple construction.

All of Money Controls’ products combine efficiency, reliability, security and performance. With fast acceptance rates, low maintenance and high capacity, Money Controls’ coin recyclers are perfect for all your self service checkout needs, and accept most global coins. Both Money Controls’ SR5i and the SR3i coin acceptors feature a remote download capability, which enables factory-quality coinless programming and diagnostics to take place remotely. In addition the SR5i coin acceptor’s revolutionary sensor technology delivers exceptional acceptance rates.

From easy integration for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and helping retailers handle and re-circulate coins, to providing a fast and easy coin payment system to the end user, Money Controls’ products and customer focus offer clear benefits for the retail sector.

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