• Birds Eye’s new Steamfresh Vibrant Vegetable Mix will feature sweet chilli seasoned vegetables that can be easily prepared
  • The Steamfresh range underwent a refresh earlier in the year, which saw +25% growth Vs LY[1]
  • Birds Eye is also bringing back its Eat In Full Colour marketing campaign in September, as part of a £2m media spend for 2020

Birds Eye, the branded leader in the frozen vegetable category[2], is adding to its range of Steamfresh products, with the launch of new Vibrant Vegetable Mix. Included inside the convenient pyramid steaming pouches will be crunchy sugar snap peas and yellow carrot batons, with a sweet chilli seasoning. The new launch comes at a time when the Steamfresh range is worth £33M RSV, while the frozen vegetable category is currently growing at +10% vs LY.[3]

The brand will also be bringing back its Eat In Full Colour TVC – which will focus on the Steamfresh range – and will encourage consumers to add more essential nutrients and vibrant colour to their plates with a delicious mix of frozen vegetables. The Steamfresh range was also given a revamp earlier in the year, helping to attract shoppers to the range and aiding visibility in store.

As demand rose for easy to prepare frozen vegetables during lockdown, the Steamfresh range extended its market share in the category to 66% over the last 12 weeks.[4] The Frozen Vegetables category has continued to perform well as lockdown restrictions relax, with the habits formed during lockdown and uncertainty of a recession helping to sustain shoppers’ repertoire for frozen food consumption. As the Frozen Vegetables category is a highly planned category for shoppers, the launch of the new Steamfresh Vibrant Vegetable Mix will aim to retain shoppers with a new and exciting offering.

Jess Ali, Senior Marketing Manager Vegetables at Birds Eye, said: “Shoppers are increasingly conscious of how they can support their health with more nutritious eating, but without compromising on great taste and texture. We hope the combination of sweet chilli seasoning and crunch from the mini corn & sugar snap peas will help inject some colour and flavour to mealtimes, without the inconvenience and hassle of cooking from scratch.

“Bringing back the Eat In Full Colour campaign for a second year, together with this new launch, underlines how committed we are to changing the perception of frozen vegetables and doubling the consumption of vegetables in the UK. As a nation, we’re still not consuming our 5-a-day, so it’s even more important that we as a brand are innovating new products product solutions and tasty recipe suggestions. It is now so simple for shoppers to not only add extra flavour and variety to their mealtimes, but through our convenient Steamfresh products, they can also eat a little more goodness every day too.”

Birds Eye’s new Steamfresh Vibrant Vegetable Mix will be available in in Tesco from September and ASDA & Morrisons from October, with an RRSP of £2.

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[2] Nielsen 11.07- MAT TY 68% Market Share/ Private label 32%

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