rfresh-ppLINPAC Packaging is increasing the amount of recycled content in its range of Polypropylene (PP) trays to meet consumers demands for environmental friendly packaging.

The leading food packaging company currently offers its range of Rfresh PP trays with 10% post consumer recycled HDPE to satisfy demand from retailers and meat packers for a product with recycled content.

Due to LINPAC’s continuous improvement process, it is boosting the amount of rHDPE in its trays to 15%, leading the industry in the amount of recycled content in PP products which are suitable for food contact.

The new trays have undergone rigorous food safety testing to ensure they consistently pass the highest level of migration tests.

Alan Davey, Director of Innovation at LINPAC Packaging says: “Retailers have shown an increasing interest in the environmental benefits of packaging used in their stores. Food producers have had to ensure their products are packed in trays that meet their customers high standards.”

“Our range of polypropylene trays with recycled content help packers and retailers meet the high environmental standards their customers are demanding by providing a solution with recycled content.

“Until recently there have been few alternatives to virgin PP trays, commonly used for poultry products. LINPAC have been producing trays with a 10% rHDPE content but we are now leading the way by increasing this figure to 15%.”

“We are completely satisfied that the trays produced from this process perform as well as those manufactured from virgin material and offer the same benefits, including a cost effective packaging solution.”

“Our innovations team is working on developing trays with even higher rHDPE content and I believe it won’t be too long before we can further increase the recycled content level of our polypropylene trays.”

For more information on the range of trays available, please contact LINPAC Packaging on 01977 692400 or visit www.linpacpackaging.com.

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