Leading global industrial truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling has launched four new models to its extensive portfolio of reach trucks providing retailers with additional solutions to manage the handling of stock within their warehouses.


The new “B Range” reach trucks are specifically designed for light to medium-duty applications and have been created for reaching stock stored on high shelving units in large warehouses.

The Linde R10B to R16B models can lift loads between 1.0 to 1.6-tonnes but still retain some of the key ergonomic and safety features crucial for the handling of materials within any environment.

Key features of the B-range trucks include a wide viewing window through a narrow-profile lift mast to ensure maximum visibility when handling stock in awkward to reach places, height-adjustable operator seat and the added benefit of being able to accelerate to 11 km/h with and without load, which the more powerful models are unable to do.

The series equipment also includes important safety functions such as Linde Curve Assist, which adapts the driving speed proportionally around bends, as well as a total of four completely independent braking systems and lift height display above the free lift.

“Around half of all reach trucks are used for work at lifting heights of up to eight meters. With the new entry-level models, Linde is offering a cost-effective alternative to the performance variant of the reach truck for applications that do not constantly demand a high level of handling performance”, explains Alexander Schmidt, International Head of Product Marketing for Reach Trucks and Tow Tractors at Linde Material Handling.

“At the same time, we are continuing to differentiate our product range with the introduction of the four new models, and can offer our customers an even greater choice, so that they can find the right product for their needs at the best possible value.”

The trucks batteries range from 360 to 620 ampere hours (Ah) and equipment options include an integrated side shift, the panoramic armoured glass roof or the BlueSpot optical warning unit to ensure maximum safety and comfort for the operator within the warehouse environment.


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